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Jackson County Public Schools Reviews

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Jackson county public schools are wonderful schools to grow up in. I went to three different schools during my time here. I went to Sandgap elementary school for 3 years. I was there from my 3 grade year until the fifth grade. I really enjoyed the teachers and they worked hard to give me great education in elementary school. I next went to the Jackson County middle school for 3 years and I enjoyed my time there. Now I’m in my senior year and looking forward to going to college. All my teachers have enabled me to get a great start on my life long goals and for that I am grateful and I would recommend the Jackson County public schools to anyone wanting a good education.
Teachers were very helpful and really cared about your success. There were plenty of fun, safe activities to do and attend and everyone was accepted.
I loved my experience with Jackson County Public Schools. I had awesome teachers at every level through graduation and I still have good relationships with my former teachers. I feel that Jackson County prepared me for college and my job
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I think Jackson County Public Schools is a very good school system! The teachers will stop at nothing to provide education for the students, however there are a few things that could be improved.
Jackson county is a really good school, but it needs more money for mulitiple things. For instance technology,food, and much more.
I enjoyed attending Jackson County High School. It is a small school. Students and staff are close knit making it a more enjoyable experience.
The school didn't really prepare me for college. The effort was there, but it felt like most of the teachers either didn't care, or weren't educated to prepare us for college.
So far, I've liked the teachers district wide. I have had some of the best teachers. But, unfortunately some of my peers aren't as nice as many people would imagine. Certain people can be horrible to others and overall, I'd like to see more done about how other kids treat each other. The food is not the best, but its also not the worst. Academics are wonderful. We have some pretty smart kids, which means we must have some pretty good teachers.
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