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Jackson City School District Reviews

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I like Jackson City School Districts because after you graduate you can come and visit your old teachers. We have a really nice football stadium, which is also our high school soccer field. Our baseball field is at the bottom of the hill and our softball field,that was recently renovated about 2 years ago, is at the top.
Jackson City School District has given me such a great place to foster my love for academics. With the encouragement of the whole community, the staff, and the students, I have grown into the academic force that others and myself consider me as. Although I do have such love and appreciation for my home, I do wish that I would have a larger diversity rate as well as access to more Advanced Placement classes.
Coming from small town Appalachia, our district would be labeled as poor and not useful. We demolish the stereotype by offering a multitude of AP and college-prep courses, clubs of many sorts, and academic and athletic necessities to increase confidence and knowledge about future plans and institutions.
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Being an ironman is a privilege that I am glad to have been apart of as well as the friendly teachers and administration, it makes for an amazing school experience.
I liked the academic centered focus of the school and the support from my teachers and guidance counselor.
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