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Jacksboro Independent School District Reviews

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Jacksboro has great school with a great atmosphere. The students get along. The food is appetizing, and the faculty is helpful. It is a school that I wish my future children could go to. I wish that the school would grow and have more classes for it's already large selection of classes.
I love the family and community of Jacksboro. We have so many traditions and fun things we do as a big community. Its really just one big family. You just know the teachers really care about you.
I moved into this district during my freshmen year in highschool. I found that the school was very close compared to where I moved from, meaning that the teachers are observant of the students and have a lot of one on one tutoring when needed. The coaches always helped to children strive to be the best they can be, and even more. The administration was very avid in the lives of the students as well. Jacksboro is a place I am proud to have come from.
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My favorite thing about Jacksboro Independent School District is how tight knit everyone is. We are all there for one another. Through thick and thin, through tragedy and triumph, no matter the circumstances we all come together and go through things with each other. I would not have wanted to grow up anywhere else. Small towns aren't appreciated enough. Sure, we don't have all of the fancy stores and restaurants big cities have, but we know everyone even though they aren't direct neighbors, and we have a love for them all. This shows tremendously in the schools. Students love and care for one another. We congratulate each other, or we are someone else's shoulder to cry on. We have more than friends. Here at Jacksboro Independent School District we have a family.
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