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J. Sterling Morton High School District No. 201 Reviews

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A change I would Like to see is the food of the cafeteria. And more academic supplies. More secruity and more involment in the school. Better courses to take for the students. They provide us with only 5 class and I believe we should be able to take more courses like other schools around us.
I loved the last four years here at J.Sterling Morton High School. I always felt save here, and I loved how all the students and staff are like one big family. We have lots of school pride, and are proud of where we come from. I admire most of all how the staff helps students as much as they can, and continue to give their support so that all students can succeed and have bright futures.
A few things that I would like to see change is a little more diversity within the school as we are mostly a Hispanic populated school, and a bit more parent involvement within school activities. Overall J.Sterling Morton High School is a great place to be !
High school is what you make of it, rather than what it is known for. Friendships are built here whether it is through clubs and/or sports, teacher involvement, or reaching out. The teachers work in this low-income community even though they are qualified to be working anywhere, due to their determination to give minorities the opportunity to achieve the same as others. Overall I loved my high school experience here and would not have attended anywhere else.
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I love that this school offers you many AP classes and that you can decide what classes you will take for the school year. They also offer you a lot of after school help.
I like that District 201 has many opportunities for the kids to get involved with their school and students. I like that they offer AP to anyone willing to take the challenge. I dislike that the school has no AC.
The school itself is in great shape but the academic curriculum needs to be improved. Teachers are often told to teach through packets and online work but the school fails to educate students on applying techniques to real world situations. Among all the courses in Morton the best ones are the hands on, challenging, yet rewarding CTE classes .
The school is mostly over crowded, however the teachers and staff cared deeply for the success of their students!
At this school if the student is willing to work and put distractions out of the way they will succeed and be able to go to the school of their choice. This school has a bad reputation that does not accurately describe how the school really is. The faculty is nice and the teachers are amazing, they just want to watch their students succeed. Once a Mustang Always a Mustang #class of 2017
If you do your work and don't look for trouble you will be fine for the most part. Although some teachers amd some can come off as mean or uninterested don't let that take away from the majority that teach with a passion and care for their students. The administration is trash and needs a complete clean out starting with the racist Dr. Perry
Just as many other people, one wants to feel equally as important as the next, that is seeing someone with similar but different features. Morton has a strong Mexican culture, including myself, but coming from a diverse school in the past I would love to see more diversity. More nationalities and backgrounds is just what Morton needs. Being able to provide a foundation for other people of color and allowing them to feel that their heritage is being fully supported and sought into would accomplish a major open-mindedness to not only the students, but the views of the school as a whole.
I liked how everyone gets along, even students with teachers. If you need help in anything either your classmates or teachers will help you out. Also when the whole school gets together for events like sport games it's just a great atmosphere.
My experience at Morton East high school has varied year after year. What I have noticed is that as I get more involved and the more people I get to know the better the experience. With that being said, I would have to say that the most frequent school, my junior year, has been my most memorable due to my activity in the school's cross country and track team. Although the daily cardio is great, the people I befriended are greater.
So far, coming to the end of my junior year has been all ups and downs. The insufficient opportunities given to students is sad but most students make it work. For me I'm able to find my passion learning other languages, beacuase of this school im able to expand my knowledge learning other cultures. It has opened up my eyes to what I may want to do in the future.
Morton East was an overall great experience. All of my teachers were very helpful and always pushed my classmates and I to do our best and be great not only in the classroom but in the real world as well. The counselors are also the best! My counselor is very encouraging and always motivates me to do my best academically. I will miss this school dearly. #mortonpride
I love Morton because it pushes us to greatness without overwhelming us. It has a great variety of sports and clubs that anyone can be interested in.
Attending Morton East High School was overall a great experience. There are a wide variety of teachers and faculty that really care about and enjoy teaching their students. It was a large high school with many students, but the faculty engaged with the students as much as possible.
The only thing that I wish this school did for me was to give me time to explore future careers.
Morton West High School did a very good job of preparing me for life after high school. I feel that I am now ready for my college experience to begin. Morton West's teachers were very supportive of my goals throughout the school years. They made me feel that they were just as concerned about my education as I was. They always made sure to stay involved with all of their students equally. In conclusion, Morton West High School made me into the hardworking adult I am today.
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I have had an amazing experience in district 201. I was bullied in elementary where I attended a Chicago school. I moved to district 201 to start over and make new friends but I was timid about socializing, sacred I would once again be bullied. I couldn't have been more wrong in my assumption of the district. When I came to district 201 I found support from not only teachers and staff but from people my age. District 201 is a reason why I am friendly, social, and ready to learn in a positive environment.
My fondness for the school extends toward it's teachers, who became my, and others, mentors and toward it's extracurricular activities that become a home for many of the students attending.
Morton was one of those schools that had rumors about fight, student''s with conduct issues, and a lot of other things that could have scared people from attending. However, throughout my four years there the school transformed into a very active very proud school. Students are very supportive of the programs there from sports to theater. Academically we also advanced, we went as far as winning AP District Of the Year.
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