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Ithaca City School District Reviews

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Very diverse students could use a lot more diversity in teachers. Good quality teachers. Food could be better. Great snacks.
I love the technology and engineering departments at the middle schools and at Ithaca Senior high school! I’ve had a lot of fun with the robotics team in the last 2 years (Code Red Robotics FRC team 639). I have had iffy experiences in the English department at the high school but I love the math and science courses that are offered. I had an amazing and very enthusiastic chemistry teacher this year which was fantastic!
IHS has an amazing technology department! With Cornell University less than a mile away the standards at Ithaca High School are high. The faculty provided an education that is able to meet those high standards.
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I would like the lead water to be cleaned up so we can drink out of the water fountains again. However the sports program as well as the music program are second to none.
Ithaca City School District has been my school district for my whole educational time in school. It has been an amazing experience and the teachers are amazing people who really do want to see you succeed. I have learned so much and have benefited from everything my teachers have taught me whether it be how to solve for a variable to learning strategies to be nice and kind to others, I have definitely become a better person throughout education at ICSD. As a middle school student I am not sure how the high school runs, but from what I see I know that they offer an amazing course that will prepare anyone for college and I feel already being prepared. ICSD has also done a great job in the diversity of the schools and has minimized bullying to keep the schools safe. In conclusion, ICSD in my opinion is one of the best school districts in the area that is doing a great job educating kids like myself.
Ithaca City School District offers a bountiful course load for a public school, which I would not be able to access if I lived in any of the surrounding districts. However, teachers are not payed as much as they should be.
The teachers are very nice but the work isn’t hard. We work very hard at our school and are proud of it. There are a a lot of options for extracurricular sandwiches a lot of opportunities for us to expand our horizons. I would improve their resources if I could. Our school has had flooding twice one caused the espestice in the tiles to come out and we couldn’t go to half of the rooms in the school.
The town of Ithaca is great overall and the people that live there are so nice. I go to school at Ithaca College and absolutely love it. The food at the school could be better but that is not stopping me from going there. All the professors are great as well as their academics. The size of the school is perfect and has plenty amount of resources for all of the students to excel in what they want to do.
First of all, Ithaca is a really good place for athletes. Also, most of the students work hard for their own goal, so it is good to keep your self motivated.
No problems with the school district since I started living in Ithaca. I am currently in Ithaca College and have no problems there as well. I am a freshmen about to be a sophomore and have lived in Ithaca for a year.
My experience with Ithaca City School District was very well. This school district has many sports and course options as well as dual enrollment courses with TC3.
It is nice that the overall atmosphere is very academic, since Ithaca contains two colleges (Ithaca college and Cornell University), but since it is such a small town there aren't many places where one could go off campus.
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