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Itawamba County School District Reviews

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I loved the library and bookstore.I wasn’t really a happy everyone had to take speech classes since it gave me anxiety. There were lots of people attending the Fulton campus. It would be nice if there were more work study jobs there.
Itawamba County School District is considered a smaller district compared to others. Everyone knows everyone here, so no one is a stranger. The district cares about its students and families, and wants to help the people in its community.
The classes are easy and the professors are usually nice and work well with the students. It works with Ole Miss so finding classes that transfer is easy. The admission office helps me quickly anytime I have a question.
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I graduated from Mooreville High School about 2 years ago. I was terrified to come to a new school because I was used to my usual routine, but ICC instructors, employees, and students helped me feel comfortable and right at home! I love Itawamba Community College, and will forever be an Indian!!!
I enjoyed getting taught by all the teachers and other staff members. I made great friends and overall had a good experience at this school.
I dont see anything for them to change. The counselors prepared me very well for the next step in my education.
I love the small community, nothing like knowing everyone who goes there and being friendly. However, the staff could be a little more friendly towards the sstudents. I have had a hard time figuring out some personal things for college and nobody helped me out. Finally this year I am able to go back to school and finish my education.
While they did not have much of food variety for people with special diets, Itawamba Community College is a very good campus. There are teachers and advisors who want to help their students achieve their best and the campus is not that noisy which is great for people who are studying.
Itawamba County Schools work toward improving students education and college preparation. The school system currently has dual credit classes for junior and senior students.
I like that the school employees always attended school functions. Everyone was very involved when I attended school. I attended K-12 and would not change a thing. I do not regret attending a school in this school district at all.
Itawamba County School District is an extraordinary place for learning. The teachers are extremely involved in their students learning and are willing to help the student in any way possible. In my opinion, this district is one of the best because it prepared me for college and helped me make wise decisions. This district always told me, one will always succeed if you put your heart into it.
Itawamba holds the students and their safety first above all else, and exudes school spirit. The Itawamba school district makes decisions based on what is best for their students. Students are kept in a safe learning environment that promoted an eagerness to learn.
This school was okay. It was relatively safe and the students were overall friendly to one another. The teachers, however, could be more involved in the academic achieving of certain students.
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