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Itasca Independent School District Reviews

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I went to Itasca growing up and it is a poorly funded school district and did not prepare me for college very well. However, I had some amazing teachers.
Before moving to Itasca, I didn't have very many friends. Everyone is so nice and hospitable when my family moved to Itasca so it was really easy to make friends. The administration is some what lax which could use some improvement. For a small school with a small budget, the school spends there money wisely so the students can have the same benefits as schools with a larger budget.
I am currently attending Itasca High School, and am a senior. I love this school for many reasons, one of them being that they genuinely care. Whether it be the staff or the students they are all respectful and are willing to help. As well as being respectful, the school district manages its money very well, they make a point to focus on the students to help them succeed and achieve their goals without burdening them. Although they are all close like a family, they are always open to newcomers and are gladly ready to "adopt" them when the time comes. Me being one of those cases, I have moved frequently therefore I have attended multiple different schools, and yet have never felt more at home than here. I am so glad that I ended up at Itasca High School and would highly recommend it to anyone, I wouldn't trade the time I've spent here for any other school in the world.
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ISD provides great education to their students. Teachers really care about their students and their success. They offer college credit right on campus giving students a head start on their career path.
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