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Although some teachers are very friendly at Issaquah High School, not all are. There are many staff and faculty members who are very rude and impatient. A lot of the teachers really only care about you getting good test grades and if you aren't one of those kids they don't care about helping you improve or help accommodate you.
What I liked about the district is that it provided everyone with school buses. The transportation was very good. Buses on the most part came on time. Also there were many opportunities. They had AP and Running Start programs there. School lunches were good. There were many options and choices. Additionally, there were good teachers, staff, and students there. What I would like to see change there is not have such a strict limit on how many people could go on some field trips. Also there were course fees for many of the classes which added up. Overall it is a good school district.
Participates in the Running Start program! Has a good after school program for additional assistance from teachers.
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I’ve generally had a pretty great experience with staff in the Issaquah school district. The teachers are friendly and helpful, with the exception of a few that I’ve met throughout the years. I’ve also loved the education and felt like they provide great learning models for all different kinds of learners.
There are some interesting characters in the cast of teachers at ISD, but mostly people who wish you well from the bottom of their hearts. Kudos to admin and even the Associated Student Body for coming up with new and innovative ways to learn and prepare kids for college.
Issaquah High School is a very welcoming place. Almost all of the teachers I have had here seemed to have a passion for teaching and worked hard to make sure their students succeed. Issaquah is also very well funded and has many resources in both athletics and academics.
We love the growing international flavor in the district but now almost 1/2 of the kids in elementary school have parents who were born overseas (usually working in tech on H1B Visas from India) and they don't seem interested in integrating into the community. They also rarely volunteer at the schools and put extreme pressure on their kids to perform academically over the arts or sports so the schools are becoming both more diverse and more divided at the same time.
Most of my teachers were really nice and engaged me in my studies. The school was always very clean. I also felt very safe.
This is a school district that really puts an importance in succeeding an putting the most you can into your education. It is a system that really pushes exceptional education. This is one of the top schools in the state. They have a great support for all different types of students even those who struggle in school.
I went to school through high school in the Issaquah School District and I was pleased with the overall preparedness that the district obtained when it came to their students.
Academic wise it is a good school but not many choices to make and there are some very good teachers who teach the subject well. Not many interesting clubs but Issaquah high school has quite a number of clubs.
I have had a great experience at Issaquah High School. All of the staff is very dedicated to their students and are willing to put in extra effort to help them succeed. The overall environment is energetic and positive. Issaquah High School also provides its students with a plethora of opportunities to succeed in life outside of high school.
The District offers a very good education system to all of its students. At Liberty High School there needs to be better math and language teachers.
issa wish was a pretty average district. they won some awards a few years in a row for being one of the best, so that's cool. i have heard they've gotten better about diversity since my graduation, so that's good.
I went to middle school and high school within the Issaquah School District. The staffs are great and the opportunities for electives are even better. I feel like you could really find your specific interest with the assortment of classes, clubs, and sports that they offer. The teachers were passionate about what they do and they faculty members were very prompt about addressing any issues. I think the only downfall is the culture diversity. I wish more diversity was offered, because minorities can be overlooked. This was something I experienced, which overtime I adjusted to. I was lucky enough to meet people who had similar backgrounds, but that doesn't mean every person will get the same opportunity. I wish there was some kind of involvement for minorities to feel more welcomed due to their backgrounds.
The Issaquah School District is the top-rated district in Washington State. It definitely shows in their availability of AP classes and general academic scores compared to other schools. The only slight concern is their constant push for students to over-excel academically.
A great school district to live in, with many years of experince teachers easily connect and help students in learning and helping them on the road to become outstanding citizens.
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Coming from Frisco school district to Issaquah school district I happen to see a very dramatic difference between the two districts. The Issaquah district is known to be there for all. From letting teenagers/ young adults express themselves through their clothing and hairstyles. To being their for foreign students and also students with disabilities.
It prepared me for college well and the school cultures were all very different but unique in their own way. Each school had different specialties and it made me always feel like home. I personally went to Liberty High School where most teachers were very helpful and the administration was always striving to be better for their students.
The staff at Issaquah High School is exceptional and all teachers really care about helping students to understand the material and helping students excel after high school.
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