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Isle of Wight County Public Schools Reviews

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I have always been in the school system. I like meeting new peers and teachers every year. I am now and senior at Smithfield High School, I love my school. I love the staff, and the environment. There has been a lot of changes there over the past couple of years.
Good at keeping everyone informed and up to date on events. Good sports program and academic advantages. Needs more student parking and should not have to pay for parking.
The administration at Windsor High School is great. The Principal and Vice-Principal are also so happy and eager to help the students or staff. I like that Windsor is a smaller school that leads to more one on one help with the teacher and students. The student body is mostly involved in with an event,club, or sport. I really love it at Windsor High and I would recommend the school to parents and students moving into the area.
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Isle of Wight Schools is dedicated to improving instruction and the quality of services and needs that all students require. Trying to close the gaps for those students that need it. Would like to see accountability from administrators on teachers who are not willing to move forward in the 20th century and just there receiving a paycheck.
Isle of Wight County Schools needs to improve on their academics. I feel they lack on College preparation. They are so concerned about the end of semester testing they don’t teach us the things we need to know beyond that. Isle of Wight County schools are small and I like that I feel we could ask questions and the teachers are able to have the extra time to help you. Though being small has its disadvantages they are not able to offer many classes or programs other school districts do.
I like that we, the students, are held to a high expectation and they push us forward, not because it is particularly their job to, but because they believe we can achieve great things. However, I would like to see a change in our freedom as students. Just about any and everything we do is limited. I feel that one result, since we are so limited as to what we can and can't do, it effects our school spirit drastically.
Isle of Wight has extracurricular programs for every line of interest. I really appreciate numerous teachers I've been fortunate enough to study with. While there are some things that are not desirable, overall, the school is pretty great.
My experience while attending various schools in the Isle of Wight County school system was a good and very productive one. The school system did many things during my time to help us all further our education. However if I do have one downside it would be that while I was graduating the school was progressing to become a more modern, technologically-advanced school, and I graduated too early to see them add in more technology and advance our education. Overall though I feel Smithfield and Isle of Wight helped me to get where I am today and get into the college I always dreamed of.
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