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A larger budget and overall greater resources would be appreciated. As it stands the school can be at times underfunded in regards to the food and other such minor facilities. However the teaching staff is excellent as is the course selection for higher academics (Advanced, AP, ect.). As such I very much enjoyed my time there.
This school has prepared me so well for my upcoming journey in college. The staff is caring and approachable and is willing to do whatever to get involved and help out our schools community.
Island Trees school district is a decent school district with an amazing staff but there is to much parent involvement in the school that tends to ruin the entire experience as well as the food which is supposed to be healthy but is awful and people have gotten sick from it but with all the other negatives out of the way like the lack of diversity Island trees is a decent school.
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Great small school where teachers know most of the kids. Lots of personal attention. I am pleased with the classes that are available considering it is a smaller school. My kids were able to take many AP/College courses and get help with anything they needed.
Great familial place to grow up, close to the city and tight knit. Flourished with oppurtunity. Everyone can get to know eachother since the school is so small and teachers are regularly kind and reliable.
I’m currently a senior here an it’s a good school there always on top of everything An are always ready for action an keeps my safe
I like the small community of Island Trees. While I am biased in the sense of my limited perspectives from being a student at Island Trees, it is great to know the names of your classmates and your teachers. To be honest, regardless of which school you go to, everyone can make the best of what they have.
In terms of academics, Island Trees is an overall standard school with an expanding math and especially science departments. There are many clubs run by the teachers and they are open to new club ideas from the students.
I have a well diverse class, with excellent faculty willing to help their students in any way possible. There are unlimited tools provided so that each student can succeed and everything is well balanced.
The teachers are dedicated. For this reason, it is a great school district. Underfunded, and the administration makes some iffy decisions sometimes, but the teachers give you a sense that you can change the world.
The majority of the teachers are passionate and caring. One in five, hence the score, is quite poor, underprepared, or lazy. The school has many clubs that offer a lot of opportunities. They prepare presentations on a range of issues quite often. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at this school and could go over the multitude of opportunities they have provided me. Everyone will talk smack about the school, but it is truly great. The science department is definitely the key winner of the school, awesome director.
The thing I liked the most at Island Trees High School was the music and arts programs. The teachers for these programs are excellent! They really push you to do your best, and to try new things. Like for the music programs they make you try more advanced pieces and for the art programs they make you try different mediums. The only thing that could be changed is the school could put a little more money towards art and music to get new instruments fort he band and new art supplies for the art classes. Academic wise the school is fantastic! The teachers there are really good, but with certain classes and courses it all depends on the teacher you get. Like some teachers can be great with personality and not so good at getting the job done, but that's very VERY few teachers. Overall compared to other schools on Long Island, Island Trees is by far one of the best.
My four years at Island Trees High School were overall enjoyable. The staff was always helpful and the teachers usually created unforgettable bonds with students. I enjoyed the use of chrome books during my senior year and I hope that they continue to keep the students' technology up to date. The school spirit was great!
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I enjoyed Island Trees for its courses, the teachers being readily available and helpful to the students and the overall moral of the school.
Students are all involved and no-bullying policy was strictly enforced.
I like that island trees takes care of their students who have a serious illness. They get all the students to rally around that student so we can show them that we do care and want to help
Island trees school district is a
Small district with 2 grammer schools 1 middle school and 1 high school. The teachers and coaches are very caring toward the kids. Many extra curricular activities are also offered in the schools giving the kids many opportunities to try different things.
An OK school. One of the better ones in the area. Lacks an open campus and diversity. Doors are alarmed. Teachers are nice, though. Guidance cares a lot about college stuff.
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Island Trees school district is a great school system. The district has great teachers, a lot of clubs and extra curricular activities and a community that is very involved. The school has great academics and prepares students for college. Sports is also a very big part of the district. Some of the things I would like to change is to have smaller class sizes. This would give the teachers more time to spend with individual students and know them better. I would also like to see the school get more updated computers and equipment. Overall, I feel the Island Trees school district is excellent.
I am an island trees grad. This school is the epitome of the terrible lower middle class suburban school. Funding is getting cut to the bones for the arts and sciences in favor of technology education that has been proven to decrease scores on all forms of testing. Most teachers are unmotivated to truly help despite their through the roof salaries that are reflected in the districts school taxes. Socially the environment is terrible the students are unmotivated to do much more then have awful house parties and aren't the most accepting stock of people as well. f you are thinking of moving here my advise is DONT.
I like the safety of the school, the diversity, the many different programs and sports. All the teachers are very helpful.
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