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I feel like this school overall is an average because there’s a lot of things this school need to improve.
Irvington is what you make of it. If you put in hard work you will be recognized, rewarded, and appraised for it. Although the resources are limited the staff puts there best foot forward to make things happen. I wish parents were more involved in their students education and that alone can change many aspects of Irvington High alone.
I believe that the board should consider gearing more classes to their students interests. Being that there are no classes that are for the students to use as a "side hustle", I feel like this is why some pupils do not show up to school.
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I have always been brimming with questions about the how and why of the world around me, growing up. In fact, one of my Biology teachers once commented in response to my constant questioning that I was an extremely curious student and a pleasure to have in class. When in the 8th grade we began studying the three sciences independently, I developed a special affinity towards always recommending the Irvington Board of education for good work done
Being in the Irvington Board of Education school system from Pre-K to 8th grade, my experience has been pretty average. With the academics, I believe that my teachers have taught me well and prepared me for high school. What I would change about this district, however, includes the food and atmosphere of the schools. Despite the bad lunch, the students are not as lively. There is not as much school spirit that should be shown, but it is around average.
Irvington Board of Education is trying there best to provide the best for there students even though we have a low budget. Irvington Board of education try there best to improve things around Irvington schools and me there schools academically and athletically best.
I like at the Irvington Board of Education that they do their best to show students shine and their talents. Irvington Board gets involved in mnay different ways, shows diversity, and strives hard to get the best for their students. Th teachers are great, caring, very smart, and always do their best to share knowledge with their students and still manage to teach the curriculum and keep students focused.
They give you opportunity todo better and help you to achieve your goal. When you do good they award you.
Irvington Board of Education offers many opportunities for students to learn and participate in activities that would enhance their education. Overall, I have have been exposed to great opportunities, such as the district's "I Am Youth Leadership Program," "Cooperman Scholarship," and more. Students are also notified on programs that promote college readiness and leadership skills. The district tries its best to provide a safe environment so that all students feel secure while learning. All in all, the Irvington Board of Education makes it a priority to provide as much education and opportunities for the students to receive.
Hello!!! I'm Catherine laroche but people call me cat short for Catherine. I'm currently enrolled at Irvington High School as a senior so yayye!!! Academics wise my class has the highest honor roll and graduating rate as of now and I'm one of the individual who made honor roll and graduating. For the past years I've been blessed with wonderful teachers who really cares about me and my future. There is a lot of programs for college readiness for example my guidance counselor has a Rutgers University reach program. It's so many clubs and activities that goes on at the high school. We have peer leadership, class committee, African-American heritage club, sigma beta, zeta, jrotc, etc.. I'm aware there's been negative comments during the past history of the high school but I can assure you once you step foot in that building and actually look around it is the complete opposite of what other people say who has never visit the school.
I graduated from Irvington High school. The school is a good school, most of the teacher are doing their job. I just wish that when I was in High school the teachers taught me more about real life lessons and experiences. I like the fact that the school tried to make the students more active, a better place to be.
This school district is not as good as I expected it to be. Without the involvement of sports, most people in this school will more than likely be nothing in life. Most students in this school isn't prepare for the world beyond high school. The only positive experience that is in this school district is the athletics and the ROTC program. Sargent Craig and Major Munro speaks about what many teachers in the school fear and that is the real world. They gave me a better understanding of the world beyond high school. If I was to change anything in this school district, it would be the students. People that should attend this school district should be the people that wants to succeed. Their are many students who distract others from learning and this madness should stop.
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