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I like that they have many resources. I would like to see them change the food they provide to the students. A lot of students bring their own lunch including myself. I hope to see that change.
The teachers here love to work with the students and they continue to support and help them reach their goals in life.
It's an amazing district and they treats their students well! I loved being in IISD and I went to some of the most amazing schools.
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I’ve been attending the district since Pre-K. I’m a senior now and my experience has been nice. Elementary and middle school is basic and has art, music and physical education. Middle school has a bigger music program offering band, orchestra and choir. High school has many clubs and extracurricular activities. Sports are well funded.
I have been in the Irving Independent School District since pre-k. I do not wish to be a part of any other district because I have had many wonderful teachers who has helped me prepare my self to the world beyond high school.
Irving ISD is an excellent district overall. The staff are really helpful and driven in their quest to help their students succeed, and the resources available to the students are phenomenal. Irving ISD offers a variety of different classes that help prepare students for college and for the future in general.
I've lived in Irving my whole life it's a small nice and safe city to live in most of the schools I went to when I was younger was good. They only thing I would like to mention is maybe better communication with students with mental health issues or behavior issues. And more communications with parents with students who struggle.
I honestly think that the school district is over glorified because they treat the kids as if the we are dumb or less than people in the high school. I think the teachers and and principles need to respect the students as people and not treat them as less than a person.
The Curriculum is by far the best; Great Hearts Teacher know the importance of maintaining the joy of learning for their scholars!
What made my experience with Irving ISD since pre-k are the teachers. I’ve met such amazing people and teachers that truly do care and try they’re overall best to make connections with students. I can say I’ve had great guidance from amazing individuals that I’m thankful for. Because of them I have an idea of what I want to do in life and how to start mentally preparing myself for the unexpected. Although Irving is such a small city the amount of diversity has opened up so many different experiences and friendships for me. When it comes to the aspect of money Irving isn’t the most wealthiest. However, we work with what we’re provided with and try our hardest to succeed. That’s what made my experience with Irving ISD greater than I could have expected.
Irving independence school district was pretty cool, the one thing I really like about this is that they don’t tolerate bullies and other bad behavior,they are very loving and caring people
Irving Independant School District taught me a lot of things. It taught me how to be a leader, strong willed, and also my own person. However, I think they can improve by making their schools a more learning iterated community.
Great environment with a lot of support. People genuinely want to see you succeed. Teachers will take time out of the day after school to help you with whatever you need. School spirit is very high and competition is within all of the students.
I attended 2/3 of the highschools in Irving, TX. While it had its good moments it also had cons. A couple good things about Irvingisd was their involvement in Students lives. Administrators were very affirmative while also forming bonds with students. They made sure to reward students by having multiple types of activities for them throughout the school year. A few things I wish could change were the leniency on students. Many students including myself felt like we gave 110% at all times while people who didn’t care as much were given the same treatment (as in grades and rewards), sometimes even better. So the main point is I would like IrvingIsd to change the differentiation between how they treat well behaved versus misbehaved students.
The Irving school district supports its surrounding schools at board meetings and does exemplary when acknowledging student achievements. The school board also does well in directing school changes and policies made.
Irving school district is the best school district I have ever been in because they offer a ton of opportunities to succeed in life. This district has almost every AP class you can think of. The schools all have avid which is a college readiness program you take as a class. My district pays for sat and act test. My school district has over 90 different clubs you can join. They always offer extra help in the summers for prep of any upcoming test. They are really good at pushing people to do there best. my school its self is known for our great band and choirs. My district gives kids an opportunity to get college through a dual credit course class. I have been so lucky that they made college an option for me. without there support and opportunities I don't know where I would be. My experience itself has been wonderful. I made different orchestral groups organized by my district. I have visited many colleges due to the avid program.
I feel that at Irving ISD, every child has a chance. This was definitely an excellent experience and I hope that all have an opportunity to do so.
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It’s way too easy. Even the AP classes. Does not prepare you for college at all and the teachers (most) don’t seem to care. As long as you have a 70 everything seems to be good but you can find the answers for most things online
My school experience in ISD district was full of different experiences, I loved all of the advanced classes I took. The classses where great and challenging, my teachers helped a lot.
The best part about Irving Independent School District in Irving, Texas, is the facilities in the school district. Some of the best facilities, for example, are the Irving Independent School District's fine arts facilities, which include the choir, theatre, orchestra, and band. These facilities are big and do many things throughout the school year such as compete in UIL and even competing at the state level. One thing I would change about the Irving Independent School District is the food, the food is bery poor and there should be more variety and more consistency with better food. Also, being more prepared with things such as making announcements so that the announcer does not stutter and therefore save time for class.
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