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I like the safe environment (besides car accidents), the academics are wonderful as well. I just wish there was more to do both on campus with other students and around campus.
Irvine Unified School District is known for their very high academics, and I can confirm that this is definitely true; our district strives to create a very high education for all of the students, making us extremely prepared for college. The expectations for students are high, which in turn motivates many to work hard and perservere!
In my experience, Irvine Unified School District is a very well-kept district with modern facilities. It creates a safe and accepting environment for all students. Teacher to student/parent communications are good. For the most part, the staff encourages the participation of both students and parents in school related activities and programs.
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Its an environment where you are pushed to do your best and work hard. Also a place to become a well rounded student.
The district is great as long as no issues arise. What I mean by this, is that as long as you fly under the radar and don't create waves everything works smoothly.
My overall experience with Irvine Unified School District has been very positive. The school I attended allowed me to push my artistic boundaries beyond the limits I placed upon myself. The teachers were all very helpful and were always there when a student, like myself, always struggled in either a subject or even with personal demons.
The music programs are very supported by the school district and employ professional and proficient music teachers.
Academics are very competitive throughout entire district. Schools provide many opportunities for students to be involved through athletics, arts, clubs, and many groups that appeal to all interests.
Good for academics but I don’t feel like the college preparation was diverse. Most counselors only advocate the cal/UC system instead of encouraging other options for students.
Irvine Unified School District is a very inclusive district for people of all types. It promotes education in a competitive environment that encourage students to do the best they can. IUSD is also a very safe learning environment which makes students feel comfortable while learning. Teachers in this district are also very nurturing and make sure that their students understand what is being taught in class, and if the students do not understand, then the teachers make sure to help in whatever way they can. IUSD provides many resources for students such as counseling for college readiness and preparation for college through a college career center. Due to the many resources and opportunities that IUSD can provide for students, IUSD is a great district.
They place great value in education and it’s clear that a lot of funding goes towards it, however, I do believe that the level of stress and competitive energy that they put in students is toxic to our mental health. Nonetheless I do enjoy going to school here, it’s one of the better experiences I’ve had.
First off, the district doesn’t have buses. Secondly my middle schooler school(South Lake) didn’t have lockers or a gym. She had to carry around her book bag everyday for seven hours. She would complain about her back constantly. My high schooler had lockers but was so small you only had room for two books.
The Irvine Unified School District has provided me with so many opportunities. In the future, I would like to see them implement more ideas/ awareness of the well being of the students, being in such a competitive atmosphere.
If you are very academically driven, this district is the one for you. As someone who has studied in other countries (some of those schools incorporating the IB system), I feel like the teachers and students here overemphasize the importance of "A"s to the point where the pressure and study habits can become unhealthy. Most of the class curriculums are very rigid and don't allow the necessary flexibility for different types of learners with different skills.
The Irvine Unified school district is by far the best school district in the country. The faculty and staff work hard to prepare students for college and to be successful in life. The quality of education is very good, and parents whose children attend schools in Irvine would agree with me. Irvine students score higher on state exams and their graduation rate is one of the highest in the state of California. Also Irvine is one of the best places to live in, so it's a win win situation.
In the Irvine Unified School District you will find passionate teachers that truly want the kids to succeed. Specifically in elementary school, I remember having passionate teachers and great memories with friends and staff together out on the playground. I feel that my educational background from Irvine is very strong, especially my writing background. After peer-reading many papers at Irvine Valley College during my first year, I can say that there is a difference in quality from Irvine Unified papers to others, specifically from Northwood High School. For improvements I think that Irvine Unified is on the right track in the sense for offering unique classes for the students. I know at Northwood High there is a forensics class and a culinary class that allow students to explore different fields of study in High School.
Irvine Unified School District encourages students to try their hardest at everything and to always aim to succeed. At any school in the district, you will find a plethora of students who are extremely focused on succeeding in school. These students are definitely, without doubt, on the pathway to become the future leaders, scientists, and artists of the coming generations. On the other hand, the only flaw in the district is the lack of importance that is placed upon building good character among these students. Many students are being cornered by this idea that being the smartest in the room is more important and beneficial, than being the nicest or most understanding person in the room. Though I appreciate everything Irvine Unified School District has done for me, like everything else in life,IUSD still has its flaws.
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Good class sizes, a lot of social groups. Sports programs very competitive at the state level. Living in Irvine was a great place to grow up and go to school.
The facility and schools are beautiful over here. However, as an alum, I believed that the academic competitiveness made my accomplishments feel small. Besides that everything is great.
I love IUSD, having been a part of it for 10 years now. I have experienced some of the best teachers ever, and offered an extremely rigorous, and competitive academic career. I have been a part of an extremely talented music program, and seen a solid sports program. But aside from the excellent academics, arts, and sports program offered here, there is one criticism I have for these collection of schools, which is the lunch program. The lunch program is neither healthy nor tasty, it is neither fast nor cost wise, instead it is an abomination.

But I do love IUSD.
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