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I like the diversity of the classes I am taking. Most of these classes are very interesting and offer good knowledge about the topic. Classes like Calculus and Trigonometry push you to the limit.
I liked the majority of the students and I loved the guidance counselors. I would however change the dress code and no phone rule under certain conditions.
I think Iroquois is a good school, however, the sexist dress code and the no-phone policy were put in place to help me get ready for college. At Gannon, we can dress comfortably and be able to get ahold of family of there is ever an emergency. Also, I feel like they didn’t help prepare us how to properly study. I am struggling because I don’t know how to study for classes. Other than these things, I loved Iroquois and the teachers there.
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A decent school with a strict dress code and rules. Newer principal that changed all the rules when he came to the school. Some rules are not right to enforce and are not fair. Only giving girls dress codes is not right. if students come into school late you have to stay in the office the entire class and miss out on your education.
Other parents are rude! They act like a bunch of stuck ups! They have their own clicks and their kids never do anything wrong! Not a good school!
My experience at Iroquois High School has been very pleasant. Every teacher that I have had has been very helpful to me. All of them have enough experience to effectively teach the students the curriculum.
School is going downhill. In my years there, we had multiple new principles and superintendents. Some teachers are really amazing, some really don't seem to care. I feel as though I wasn't exactly prepared for a lot of things when I went to college. But education is what you make of it, so maybe if I was a little more involved things would have been different. Once Iroquois gets everything figured out, maybe it will become a better school.
Iroquois is pretty good. We recently got a new principal and hes been changing our school so much and we really don't like it, but it's not too bad in my opinion.
The teachers at the school are all passionate about the classes they are teaching, and are willing to go the extra mile for their students to succeed. There are many extracurricular activities to participate in as well, and the morale of the school is positive.
Excellent teachers. Supportive staff. Wonderful athletic departments. Love everything about this school. Seriously.
I liked how some of the faculty came together and treated their students like family, instead of just their students. However, if Iroquois could change one thing, it should probably be who they pick and choose to favor with punishments and discipline.
The district used to be one of the best in the area! The teachers are incredible but the administration wastes too much time worry about bra straps showing or girls wearing clothing deemed to be revealing instead of teaching boys to be respectful. They are consistently adding courses relevant to moving onto college and the younger teachers know how to challenge students to prepare them. The elementary school is incredible and sets a super foundation for high school. Hopefully, the high school will continue to improve!
I've had a good experience at Iroquois High School. I like that it is a small school. Due to it being a small school, we are all very close and refer to each other as one family. We have been through a great deal of tragedies as a whole school and because of this we are always there for each other and are very supportive. I do not like the usage of drugs in my school. Although my school does a lot to prevent it by having drug tests.
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