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Iron County School District Reviews

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I love Iron County! They make sure every student is noticed and get the help they need! Always very professional and care about the students education. The staff makes sure every student plans out their future. I would not change anything.
My schooling experience has been good. I have found myself excelling but without many challenges. Most teachers are great but some seem very under qualified.
I have always had a good experience in the Iron County school distict and felt safe and secure through all grades of school.
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This school district is amazing they take you safety as important as your mother dose and the teachers though all my years have always been willing to take time out of there lives to stay after longer to help me understand.
The school has a great atmosphere, along with great teachers ans fellow classmates. Could use some updates to the building.
Canyon View High School is an overall average school. I never feel challenged enough in any of my classes. I don’t think that CVHS is reaching it’s full potential. However, they do have a wonderful culture and more school spirit then I have ever experienced before.
I like the teachers and how they interact with the students and really want them to succeed in life; however, I feel like some information is not given to the students when it comes to scholarships and college. An example of this is that I was not told which classes were approved for NCAA to play sports and which ones were not. This led to me taking an unneeded class my freshman year that didn't benefit me at all.
Canyon View High was a great school with really good programs. Many teachers are willing to help and show interest in the students but only upon the students initial interest. I participated in many things in high school and was proud of our teams and to be a falcon. I spent a lot of time there outside of school hours in service projects, after school activities, and student events. Teachers and faculty we're always willing to help us achieve our hopes and goals and I think we were able to get a away with tons of things (all for good causes) because the staff is so good natured. I'm almost sad to say I don't go there anymore.
I like that they are trying to be a trauma informed district and help students get through trauma so they can be successful in school and their lives.
The Iron County School District is very supportive of all its students. It is very encouraging to see all levels of education connect with one another rather than being completely separate and independent entities. For example, lots of high school and college students volunteer at their local elementary, middle, and high schools. All schools are so kind, welcoming, and willing to allow college students who are pursuing a degree in teaching to visit their schools and shadow for a day. The community within each school is amazing. I have never seen anything like it before.
Iron County School District is very helpful and supportive. They are supportive of their sports, and they also take care of things in a good manner. When we took state soccer, they made sure that we were recognized and taken care of. They had a special conference for us and told us how proud they were of us. The safety through the school district is amazing and you feel very safe.
It has its pros and cons but overall is a good school district. Teachers can be through the roof or a little on the slacker side, yet a very high majority are good teachers who are there to help and make sure the subject is understood with a substantial knowledge.
When I moved to Cedar City Utah I was behind in school because other high schools had less credits than here, they helped me get on track to be able to receive their diplomas. I am very grateful for them and everything that they have done to help me.
The teachers her are always willing to help and do what ever they can. They will do what they can to help you reach there goal.
My math teacher got fired the year after i hadn't her so i didn't need learn much that year. But Canyon view had a lot of activities always going on to entertain us.
There have been some teachers that have invested time and energy into my education. However there have been others that haven't been helpful. My band experience has been wonderful and unforgettable. I will always appreciate the music that was made alive in me because of my teacher.
My experience is still very good and fun. I like how we had a snow day and i'd more of a christmas break 7 days is barely anything.
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I am attending Cedar High School. High school is an amazing experience. As a Freshman, I wasn't the most involved, but now as a Senior I am more involved than ever. I love being part of this school. I have so much pride in calling myself one of the Redmen of Cedar High.
I think it is a good district. Don't really have much to say cause I never really paid attention to the district that much, but overall I had a pretty good experience my whole time as a student in the district's schools.
It was nice, little bullying and hot desert. The teachers are nice, as long as you are respectful. Small town with good food, pretty good student body. An all around pretty good place.
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