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I have been to different areas of the Iredell Statesville Schools district. I like that they take the safety of children and faculty seriously. They are always sure to take precautionary measures when it comes to inclement weather. Every teacher that I have personally met has also been a pleasure. They want to be doing their job and enjoy doing what they do.
I liked the many diverse clubs you are able to join that appeals to anyone’s interest. I would improve the schools by increasing support provided by high school guidance counselors by providing more counselors to students and encouraging them to seek out help from school staff.
Iredell-Statesville Schools has well prepared me for my future. I am thankful for the opportunities I have been given through clubs and volunteer in my community. The environment of my school, my peers, the staff and the faculty have encouraged success throughout the years. I have made many amazing relationships with my peers but also many teachers and other staff members who have provided me great advice and made school a comforting place for me. This school system has put me in good standing with my academics, extracurriculars, relationships, and developed work ethic but I would like to see improvement in the involvement of counselors, especially involving classes and college readiness, as well as communication between the school system to parents and students.
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I attend SIHS, it's a great school with lot of opportunities with sport and in different clubs. One important thing I like about the school is if you're struggling in a class they offer smart lunch so that you can take 30 minutes off of your hour lunch to go tutor with teacher. I feel safe at the school people are friendly the teachers are willing to help you when needed and I am excited to be a part of this school I will miss it when I graduate.
I have had an amazing expierience going through the Iredell Statesville School system. A few things that I would like to see change would be reduction/elimination of laptop fees, more funding towards the fine arts, and for a more established sense of equity whenever it comes to the discipline side of school.
Iredell Statesville Schools are made up of a wonderful community of teachers and staff that work hard to help students and provide them with everything they need to have a successful future.
The macbooks they provide for educational use are very useful.The teachers and staff will go out of their way to make sure you get the best educational, extracurricular, and athletic experience possible.
There need to be more opportunities for upperclassmen to participate in Arts/Fine Arts programs. Currently, at South Iredell High School, which is the IB school, due to the scheduling conflicts in order to take the required IB classes to receive an IB diploma, upperclassmen cannot participate in choir or orchestra.
Iredell Statesville schools are okay in my opinion there are some changes that could be made in the school system to make school better not only for the students but faculty as well.
I have been enrolled in Iredell-Statesville Schools since kindergarten. Now, as a high school senior, I can honestly say I have had a very good experience. Approaching the end of my high school career, I feel I am prepared to enter college and the next chapter of my life. Iredell-Statesville Schools has prepared me educationally, physically, and emotionally. The community is a very valuable part of Iredell-Statesville School. Because of Iredell-Statesville Schools I have learned the importance of community, relationships, and the people you surround yourself with. I am grateful to have had such a positive experience throughout all my school years.
I enjoyed going to school within this district. When I was there the food was very unhealthy and that is one thing I hope has changed or will change in the future.
Great School System that is close. The people are friendly and great to work with. The Technology is great and the opportunity for doing great is there and always present.
I love the encouraging and supportive community, however, I would like to see a broader range in science classes available.
Iredell School holds a sufficient level of academics to help prepare their students prepare for the future ahead. They pride themselves in academics and sports, but have little understanding of the faults of their schools system. Iredell statesville schools is not a coercive group and does not plan together to make thier schools the best facilities for their students.
I liked how the teachers all take their time and really assist and make sure that we understand the material. what could be changed for years to come, I would say the material and how quickly it is taught should be looked over because it might be too fast for some students.
NIHS is a rural county school that now offers college classes from the local community college on the NIHS campus.
NIHS also has a great EC (special needs kids)program that allows interaction between regular ed and the special needs kids.
We find the school to be welcoming and a safe campus for our kids (we have 3 attending NIHS).
I had a wonderful high school experience while attending Lake Norman High School. The academics are wonderful. I felt really prepared for college.
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My grandson went to east iredell. The second language schooling was awesome however the communications between parent teacher was almost non existent. I have since moved him and my son to another school and absolutely love it. I talk to their teachers regularly and am very thankful for it.
I liked the fact that so many of my teachers were passionate about teaching. They were eager to help me and always kept a positive attitude.
I attend Lake Norman High School, which is part of the Iredell Statesville schools program. Lake Norman High school, provides a great education to its students and is quite a diverse environment. If I would like to see something change however, it would be the cleanliness, as it is sometimes very messy.
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