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Iraan-Sheffield Independent School District Reviews

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ISISD is one of the best school districts out there. They put the students first in everything. They are good at everything they do. The teachers are not just here to get a paycheck. They want every single student to become a very successful person
Iraan-Sheffield Independent School District is an amazing place to go to school. I am not the brightest kid but the teachers and staff always made sure to do everything possible to help me get where I needed to be. I am always prepared and ready for big tests or quizzes because my teachers took the time to help me better understand the lesson. Our principal interacts with us on a daily joining in on conversations and laughter which makes school so much fun. Our teachers and staff even join in on fun activities such as pep rallies, game days, and spirit week. They have amazing coaches who push us to be our very best in everything we do and because of them we go far in our sports. The only thing I would change is the school schedule because some very important classes are shorter than unneeded classes. Our school may be small but that doesn't stop us from doing big things.
Iraan-Sheffield ISD is a school that tries its best to push students to be great in everything. The student participation is through he roof, and this school truly creates champions. Although they have had some bad luck choosing adequate teaching staff recently, it seems as if these issues are being resolved. While IHS isn’t perfect, it is pretty close.
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What I like about ISISD, is that there's no bullies. The teachers are really great with the kids, they help them in every way possible!
Attending Iraan High School presented me with many opportunities and privileges that would not be available to me had I gone to school in a bigger city. The small school of only about one hundred-twenty  students gave me the experience of a student athlete as I competed in golf, track, and football where I had the opportunity to compete at the state level. I was also able to compete in academic competitions such as UIL mathematics. The teachers in the small community were very helpful and believed the students ability to understand their work was of number one priority. My experience at Iraan High was one that I am very thankful for. I plan to put my future children through a similar program where they too can participate in any activity they choose.
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