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Great school with high performing students. Very innovative and competitive in everything from UIL to athletics.
I love the small school atmosphere of the high school. There isn’t much I would change about the school, but I would like to see better food in the cafeteria.
The thing that I loved the most about Ira Independent School District was the "down-to-Earth" approach the teachers had. They cater to your learning style and work with you on almost everything as long as you talk to them about it and give a heads-up. The small community is great for getting to know more about the people that live there. Academically, I believe this school is superior to other schools I have been too, simply because of the points that I have aforementioned. No questions are ever "stupid", because the teachers understand that you are there to learn, and they are there to help you with that 100%.
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I have had a great time at Ira High School the students are great and Ira give me a lot of opportunities for scholarships and places to go for after school . i would like to see the the agricultural program grow more
Ira is a great school district if you're looking to be close to your class and not being in such a big school. The teachers are great. The sports are great. The only thing that I would change is if our schedule could be arranged to where had the classes we enjoyed and actually wanted to take.
Ira Independent School District is located in Ira, Texas, which has an estimated population of 250. It's located in the west Texas vicinity, which infers that our school mostly consisted of farmers, ranchers, and narrow minded country folk. Because of our small school district, Ira lacks clubs, activities, and sports which decreases the ultimate high school experience. This also creates a lack of diversity. However, this also gives students a chance to really know one another as well as their teachers. As a current high school senior, I've had the same teachers in each subject for the past four years, while many cannot experience the same luxury. Overall, Ira Independent School District is very dull and does not reach full academic potential, but creates a sense of safety and family-like atmosphere.
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