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I attended West High School which was a very positive experience for me. I enjoyed my time there overall. It really prepares you for college and the future which is very helpful. The staff are more than helpful and will always lend a hand if needed. Very strong academic program and the athletic programs are all very strong. Many teams make it to State championships every year which is very impressive. There are many opportunities to be challenged through AP, honors, or separate programs/clubs.
Iowa city west high is very diverse. Everyone is so different, and it’s exciting to get to know everyone. Recently West high has changed a few things to become even more inclusive. Instead of having your traditional homecoming king and queen; we now award multiple hero’s of Troy. This is more inclusive because there are many students who don’t identify as male or female. People who are nominated are kind and good examples to all students. I believe this change has made us come together more as a community and hopefully will inspire other schools to become more inclusive too.
The Iowa City Community School District is amazing. I have grown up in Iowa City my whole life and I am now a senior in High school. This school district has allowed me to grow because of the amazing teachers and education that they have. They are all about helping you succeed and making you the best student you can be. I have learned from the very best!
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Really cares about the future of the students. Provides many oppurtinity of it's students from the very young age. The schools are one of the best in the state... couldn't really complainmore.
I liked how diverse the schools were. I moved here from a very small town in Connecticut where the majority of the kids were white. I liked the teachers and enjoyed the classes that I was taking. It was a pleasant experience.
The communication between administration and family and students is great. The schools are under constant renovation (new schools, new additions) and the quality of the teachers are great.
I am new to this district, but in just one school year I was very impressed in the standards of this community. The teachers really care about your education and they actually set high standards. In just one year, I feel way more prepped for college, and even my act score improved by five points just because of the kind of course work I did this year.
ICCSD is very open and welcoming to students which makes students feel at Is also diveserve which lets students learn more about people from different part of the world
Quality schooling and quality teachers. Diverse and close knit community in a college town with excellent opportunities.
I like that the school district is trying to to give every student in the community an "equal opportunity." Ideally this plan sounds great, but you can never really make everything equal, due to income levels of families around certain schools, funding, and also different schools give similar but different classes. However the school district is very hardworking and connected with the community and works hard to promote the education of everyone of it's students.
I liked that the teachers cared about the students except the facilities are very outdated.. we have asbestos in the building!
I attend Iowa City West High School in the ICCSD district. The teachers really care about their students on a personal level and the teachers always make sure that students feel accepted and safe in the school. The one problem is there aren't safety precautions in the school though. West High does not have air conditioning in half the building so when the weather gets warm the administrators like to prop open all the doors, leaving the school completely open for anyone to walk in. personally am a little concerned with that but I feel safe in the school. With the school being located in a big college town there is a lot of diversity at the school and it opens more eyes to different cultures and inputs.
This district plays a lot of games with school boundaries. You buy a house in this district and there is a good chance you won't know who your peers will be from year to year. You join up with a school based club or team and half those kids will be moved to another school by the time you're half way through. All the downsides that come with being poor and having to move from place to place but with high tax rates.
I loved going to school here! All the teachers are really great and offer plenty of support in getting you ready for college.
I've been in the Iowa City Community School District since I was in kindergarten, and I have had no major, overarching complaints about the school district. The schools are very well maintained, even as Penn Elementary was celebrating is 50th anniversary when it was my last year there. For the most part, the teachers have been excellent, always willing to help kids out and really connect with their students. One thing that was very annoying about West High in particular was the parking situation. There was not enough spots for everyone to park because the administration was allowing freshmen and sophomores to drive to school. I disagree with this because it complicates the parking lots and underclassmen are not experienced drivers, so they should not be allowed to drive to high school. The district allows a lot of college credit hours, which is extremely helpful and they are supportive of students of all backgrounds.
The Iowa City Community School District sets students up for success in a variety of ways. Their main goal is for students to pursue education after high school and they provide many opportunities for everyone to excel. I went to Iowa City West High School and could not have been more prepared for college. They have excellent extracurricular activities and top-notch classes. They provide Advanced Placement courses to obtain college credit which is tremendously helpful. The teachers genuinely care about the success of each and every student. The district offers multiple organizations and outlets for people of all backgrounds and is extremely inclusive. The only thing I would change is for them to have an even wider array of clubs that are student-run to create more meaningful experiences.
The teachers and staff use the resources of both Kirkwood CC and the University of Iowa to prepare us for college.
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Although my school district was not the absolute best, I did love my teachers and they taught me a lot about working hard. However, I do not think any high school can truly prepare you for college. The clubs and activities are great in Iowa City, you can always find something you have an interest in to join.
The ICCSD is a great place to be a student. Administration and teachers are very involved in helping you prepare for the next level. I have never had a bad teacher. My counselors do nothing but help prepare me for college and help keep me on track. Every aspect is good in my opinion. The schools are working on remodeling and adding new editions to schools or gutting the whole thing and starting fresh. This is great because going through K through 12, I never had air conditioning. This is a BIG part of the school bond's plan along with all of the other improvements.
Iowa City is a very well educated community; the district represents this characteristic of the community well. The district and its employees truly strive for unity and peace among students and teachers; the iccsd is a good learning environment.
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