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Small school with limited resources but very dedicated educators have been very supportive to my kids and created a learning environment that works for them.
I loved my time at Ionia Public Schools. I remember each and every teacher I had, from Kindegarten through 12th grade. I flourished at IPS, and never had any major issues.
At Ionia Public Schools, I do not think that the atmosphere is that great at all. I do not feel that students are well cared for by the administrators or the teachers, which leads to a poor school environment. Also, it is very hard for the students that are trying to make the school a better place to do so because not many students want to go the extra mile to make Ionia Public Schools a great place to be.
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My time at Ionia Public Schools was an overall good and fulfilling experience. Most of the teachers are very good at engaging with students and having meaningful lessons. They really care about the success of their students and their personal lives. The one thing I would change is the sports programs. Politics play a big part in who gets to play, and the best players don't always get to play more than someone who has a well-known family. For instance, a soccer player was not allowed to play soccer as a Senior, but now plays for a semi-professional team. He is not a bad kid either, and was willing to do anything to play. The academics were good with many AP opportunities, but the sports were a let down.
I have been apart of Ionia Public Schools my entire life. I had always thought very highly of Ionia until I became a member of Ionia High School. I feel like the administration and the new principal are very close minded. I also feel like not enough support has been offered, especially dealing with college.
They try to stop the bullying or so the vice principal says but it hasnt really changed just gotten a little less noticeable .. The teachers are pretty good .. Most are there if u need help or learn a different way by far one of the best is mrs.aves shes understanding, very kind but not to kind she disciplines people when need be and if u ask extra help shell do the best she can
The school keeps cutting classes for the students that want to do well and continue challenging themselves academically. The school centers itself around athletics instead of academics. Academics should come first in schools, not athletics. Athletes are constantly being let by because they are what is important to the school. It has started to improve with new administration, but there are still many kids that cannot be controlled. The incoming classes keep coming in more disrespectful than the last. This could be because of a lack of enforced rules in lower schools or just a lack of proper parenting. The school need to take control of the kids who need it, but without punishing the kids that are doing their best.
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