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Iola has potential to be great but still lacks certain necessities. We have little money therefore we have a hard time getting supplies for everyone.
Being a high school student at Iola ISD has been a very fun and educational experience for me. I love the fact that Iola is a smaller school because I can get to know everyone very well and I can participate in any extra-curricular activity that I want to. I have made many close friends at Iola that will hopefully be my friends for life. Also, I have received a quality education in my two high school years at Iola. One change I would like to made to Iola is a new boys athletic locker room and weight room because the current facilities are getting old and need to be replaced.
Iola Independent School District is by far one of the best school districts in the state of Texas. The faculty and staff are so kind, and they genuinely care about the students, parents, and community. The community is very involved with the school and everyone knows/loves everyone. There is 0 bullying toleration that is highly encouraged and enforced, which makes life easier for students. The school focuses on the importance of success in academics, as well as sports and other activities. The school celebrates and praises successful students for what they've earned, and encourages others to work just as hard.
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One thing that I have enjoyed about Iola is how all of the teachers care not only about your education, but as your development as a person. They invest in all of their students' lives; they make sure that their students know that they are cared for by the entire school. As great as that is, there is a downside to that as well, such as some teachers having favorites. Though the teachers may not realize it, they often have a favorite student that they will go easy on in the classroom. There are many different forms of favoritism; one form of favoritism is allowing a student to turn in his or her work weeks after it was due and take off no points for it being late, even though on that same assignment, the teacher told another student that they could not turn it in because it was due the day before.
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