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Interstate 35 Community School District Reviews

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Very close and tight-knit school district where the students get help and guidance from teachers who not only care about their students but are also personally invested in them as individuals. It maybe lacks more creative and branching programs/classes that you might want when preparing for finding a major/career in college, but it's growing every year, and it has a fantastic CTE/Agriculture program already in place.
At Interstate 35 school I have personally gained a lot of knowledge in life necessities and the teachers are always very helpful when a student doesn’t understand something.
My experience at Interstate 35 School, was probably just as average as the next students. If I could change anything, I would change the way the faculty interacted with their students.
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As a senior having only one more day left at Interstate 35 I have been remembering a bunch of old memories made at this school. I can not thank the administration enough for all that they have done for me, whether it was in the classroom, in athletics, or just being there as someone to talk to. I enjoyed the small town feel of this school it is nice actually knowing your teachers and them knowing you, you are not just another number at this school. The staff really works on helping you achieve your goals and keeping you involved in different activities. I am going to thoroughly miss this school.
I have attended Interstate 35 since pre-k and I am graduating this May. It was a wonderful experience, and I am so glad my parents decided on sending me there. It is a smaller school, so everyone knows each other. The education department is fantastic. Overall, a wonderful school.
The school isn't bad for students and has some good activities. . The school needs to get students more ready for college and needs more sports.
I enjoyed some of the teachers. They were very understanding and helpful. I would like to see the attitudes and atmosphere change from negative to positive.
I enjoyed going to school here. It's a great place to be and the people are so generous. I would like to see more business classes. I like how close the people are. It's not hard to make friends. This school has a very open system which makes it feel safe. I would like to see more enthusiasm put into raising money and adding onto the programs they have now. Expanding and even making a dinner with the amazing food program they have set in place now.
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