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International Leadership of Texas (Ilt) Reviews

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Really good school for studies. Not so much for sports. The school will definitely help you get into college and because it is fairly small the unique student teacher ratio allows for students to be helped more and known better by their teachers. It’s like a big family where everyone knows everybody. Also because the school is small there isn’t as much foolishness that goes on. Drugs are prohibited like any other school but here it is actually enforced. When I first came to ilt I hated the school so much because it is so strict. But I have learned that this school has helped me grow as a person and kept me on the right path to success.
After coming from the large public schools, it’s easy to see the appeal that a smaller charter school could provide. From a smaller overall class size to more individualized attention from an instructional standpoint to just being known on a personal level by both peers and faculty, the benefits are quite obvious. The International Leadership of Texas Garland High School is one of those smaller charter schools. Here, I was able to form close interpersonal relationships with a diverse group of peers. As a result, one of my favorite aspects here at this school was the close camaraderie that existed among the student body. It was evident at the athletic events like basketball and flag football as well as the myriad clubs that ILt offered its students. As a recent high school graduate, I know that I will always remember my time here at this school and the friendships that I formed here I know will last a lifetime.
I generally enjoyed ILTexas, but I think there is room for improvement. I happened to be a part of the first freshman class in our school, so some bumps in the road were expected. The curriculum was okay, but I wish there was more room for advancement. Extracurriculars were kind of a mess. There was heavy focus on sports so other extracurriculars, like STEM and the Arts, were left out.
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Great school in my opinion! Student leaders are highly promoted and seen throughout. Very active in teaching cultures throughout world in International Day Festival and Chinese New Year Festival. Because it's a charter school, not so much money for resources and necessary supplies, but teachers make do with what they can. Every student is required to have a Chromebook or approved computer for daily use.
I loved that there is structure and discipline for the students. That allows for a better learning environment.
My experience of being a part of the International leadership of Texas eagle family has taught me ways on becoming self sufficient not just through academics but also with life skills. There is no limit to succeeding and I have learnt to thrive for the best. The interaction with different diversity around the school has caused my learning experience to broaden and develop a wide range of friendship. However, it would be better if the students voices were valued and allowed to become the figure of the school rather than the administrators being in charge of the decision making.
I’ve gone here since the k-8 and I hate it. The teachers don’t teach, parents are never aware of what’s going on such as when we changed English teachers 3 times or when the heater was broken. We don’t do activities that are part of the high school experience
I like that it is a small school where a student can be involved in many things. There could be even more for the school to offer if parents were more involved. The only downside is the food.
International Leadership of Texas is a great school. ILT offers a great educational program and it one of the best schools out there. I believe this commitment very much the staff really cares about you they always help you to pass. There leadership classes teach leadership very well and you can see it in other students. Also this school is very new, but it is better than most schools in Texas.
I love that I am put on the distinguished plan which makes me more college ready. I would recommend this school to someone commited to learning on a higher level.
I have been at this school for two years and it is totally different than where I came from. Here we have an actual uniform: slacks, shirts, ties, blazers all of that. The classes are a little harder and you can't just fly by and think you will pass. But on the bright side all the teachers and administrators care about all their students and want to see them pass. I would work on improving the communication skills between administrators to teachers, administrators to students and teachers to students.
The school is not all what it's cracked up to be. An associate degree is not guaranteed. The school food is probably the worst food you'll ever taste in your life.
International Leadership of Texas is an exceptional school that teaches its students about leadership roles and responsibility. It’s motto is others before self. It is even a trilingual school.
That it prepares you for college in every aspect when it comes to academics. The school itself is pretty unique, I have never seen a school like this before. The school system is amazing, and also the teachers are always on your side and all they want is for you is for you to reach college readiness within the four years you are there. This school isn't for everyone, but for those you are already thinking about college and want to get a taste of what it feels like, International Leadership is the perfect choice for your future.
I would like to see changes in the way senior activities are handled. I would also like student opinions to be taken more into consideration.
to be honest international leadership of texas gives you a lot of stress and i cry almost everyday when i come home because i want to move
ILT is currently only three years old. The school is obviously weak in multiple areas, lacking strong management and school pride, but there is ample potential present in the school. It's curriculum and mission to promote cultural diversity and have its students master the three most spoken languages of the world (Mandarin, Spanish, and English) is very unique and incredibly relevant in today's world, and will gradually improve as the school gains more experience.
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Have great teachers who really do care about the students. They do prepare you for college as they have a partnership with Richland College and have setup a very useful dual credit program. The only thing they could switch is their food program which literally no one likes.
I like the small classrooms and the personal interactions between the staff and students and volunteers. This is my sons 4th year and he's in HS now. They have expanded athletics and activities, so he loves that part.
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