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My experience from my son is the teachers need to listen to the student when they say they need help or not understanding something. Otherwise they do offer a great bit for their students. Many levels to for all. Their sports are very productive and a plus for the students.
I love the Interboro School District. They love sports especially football. The teachers make an active effort to help the students. I have adjusted well with little to no peer pressure. The work balance is comfortable for me.
Not a bad place to be. Very good teachers but you’ll only succeed here if you’re willing to put in the work.
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The high school has great educators, administrators and faculty. The curriculum and accademics are taught by educators that are passionate about the subject they are teaching ensuring student success. The student clubs and organizations have a long history full of tradition and pride that is felt through community. The marching band, athletics and foriegn exchange program adds outstanding experiences for students.
I felt that the school lacked the guidance or support for those students planning to go to college. There wasn’t anyone to guide students and help to create a plan for after graduation to attend college or a vocation. Although the school did have a college resource type room, most students had no idea it was there or what it was for.
I enjoy the passion that most teachers have In their teaching even if it isn't the best way of teaching that subject. It would be nice to see more parent involvement in order for the school to have more consistent quality in the events they hold.
They have the best Enriching Kindergarten Program! Like to see more hands on teaching at the High School Level instead of having the students using social media to self teach.
Interboro was a relatively small-town school that provided an average education to the students. Some teachers were easy to connect with, and made you feel like they truly cared about your education.
Interboro High School is a a wonderful place to grow, learn, and become prepared for college. Both teachers and guidance counselors were always willing to go above and beyond to help myself and fellow students whenever we needed it. From staying late after school, to coming in early before school started for the day , they were always there for us. I am confident that I will succeed in college because of the preparation I received in high school.
There were so many great opportunities offered to me at interboro including tons of community service opportunities, and clubs such as theater and physics Olympics. The teachers are super nice and helpful.
As a musician, Interboro has given me wonderful opportunities to perform and learn more about music. Interboro also has a good athletic program and an amazing staff! My teachers and peers have helped me grow as an individual.
Interboro is an average high school, nothing special about it. I attend votech so i do not get the same opportunities other student get like after school activities and anything that takes place after 4th period.
This district may not be the nicest but no matter what happens the people are always proud of what happens. By being at a school with the same people for 8 years you are able to develop friendships that can last through high school. The only downside with attending the same school with people for 8 years is that it makes it difficult to make sure that smarter kids get the challenge they need. The high school tries hard to get students involved in at least one thing. The high school should try to offer more advanced classes and provide lunches that look delicious. There are not very many negatives with this school district.
Interboro was a good school. They were very proud of their athletic teams. Teachers did well in assisting students. Faculty were positive and always willing to help! I only had one negative encounter with a teacher. Junior year teachers did the best in teaching about college and life after high school. Although the school itself (physically) was sort of dull, the positive attitudes helped balance the experience.
Interboro was a great school to go to. The teachers all cared about the students and there was a good balance of academics and fun activities.
I like Interboro School District because not matter what school you attend the teachers that work there always go the extra mile to make sure the kids are giving the best education and help they need throughout the day!
The school district is very tight with their budget, which often puts a strain on not only extracurricular activities, but basic academics. For example, towards the end of every school year the district runs out of paper and refuses to buy more, making class work difficult for students and teachers.
I like the school because of the plethora of teachers. All of the teachers want to see you succeed. The hallways are clear of bullying and I never felt threatened walking down the halls. The teachers stand outside of their classrooms when the bell rings and watch the students and they make sure everyone is okay. I learned a lot from this school and I cannot believe I am graduating in three months.
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As a senior at the high school who has grown up here, its decent enough. I have my education and my experiences here, and I can't wait to get to college. I feel like the teachers here have prepared me enough to survive in college, but I'm sure there are better schools that could have fully prepared me. The towns are decent too, even if there isn't a bunch of things to do.
My experience at interboro has been a unique one. The staff at my high school is that if no other staff I have encountered. They are some of the most supportive people in my life, next to my family, and will be what I miss the most after graduation. The curriculum within the school is a bit too inadequate. I would have like for it to be a little more advanced with more options for classes.
I have to say that my experience had very mixed results. Growing up I was always very shy and always the odd man out. I got picked on a lot through my elementary and middle school years, and didn't have a lot of friends.
High school in Interboro School District was almost like coming up for a breath of fresh air. A new start for the awkward girl who was made fun of. The high school is a lot different from the middle schools and elementary schools, for some reason Interboro has never embraced the cliche high school movie vibe. There weren't cliques, nerds, jocks, cool kids. Everyone just kind of got along for the most part, not to say there weren't problems or fights (we had the best lunchroom fights). It was just different, like how the captain of the football team was also a drama geek, if you get what I'm trying to say.
Along with all of that, the teachers seemed to care about us students and were always helpful and understanding.
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