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Inola Public Schools were great! I started there when I was little bitty and graduated there. I loved being in such a small school and knowing every student and being able to have such a good relationship with the teachers there. Graduation was short and sweet.. what more could up expect with only 68 in the graduating class.
Really good teachers but no funding. The school district barely has enough money to keep doors open. Last year we went to four day weeks to save money, they turn the lights off in the hallway to bc they can't pay the electricity bill, they cut the Spanish program and the arts will be the next to go. The coaches aren't that great or don't stay long bc we cant be competitive with salary. There are really talented and well meaning teachers they just do not have the money to support the programs. Don't send your kids here unless there are major changes in funding.
Inola high school has been the best that I could expect. If I could change anything I would suggest better funding and more hands on learning techniques. I am very proud of my school and I believe we deserve more from our legislators.
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My name is Chandler Fuller and I am senior at Inola High School. I have thoroughly enjoyed my years in Inola Public school. Our teachers, faculty and administrators are the greatest. They are always available and ready to answer any questions we may have and address any concerns. Not only are academics great, but many activities are also available. We have one of the best marching bands in our class and a great director that is engaged with the students and parents. There's a wide range of sports that one can become involved in, I play golf under one of the best coachs around. Inola school has prepared me for college and my future.
Inola public schools is good. I liked that the teachers were caring and wanted to help your child succeed. The faculty and staff were great. I loved being a part of Inola schools.
Inola Public Schools is a great school to easily become involved with your community. The small class size at Inola ensures that you will have an excellent education and help with your academics if needed. The size if Inola Schools makes it easy to become involved in sports and organizations. However, since Inola Public Schools are small, there are significantly less class choices compared to bigger schools. The facility truly cares about their students at Inola, which speaks volumes about the school. Inola Public Schools are protected and safe, everyone must have a student or faculty key card to enter. In my opinion, Inola Public Schools are excellent.
Inola High School provided me more opportunities with my illness other than bigger schools that I previously attended. Since my junior year I was not able to be in class every single day and Inola High School worked with me in ways that other schools did not.
I went to Inola Public Schools from Pre-K to Senior Year. I have never seen such a more loving faculty staff who truly care about their students whether that be outside of the classroom or their academics.
The faculty and staff at Inola Public Schools are excellent. They genuinely care about each one of their students and are always willing to lend a helping hand. The facilities are kept clean and functioning, due to the fantastic maintenance staff.
This is a very small town school with average class size of 100. Teachers get to know you really well. Budget cuts have effected the school tremendously.
Inola Public Schools will give each and every student the small town high school experience. The classes have about 20 kids to one teacher, giving the teacher the ability to take time to help each student. Students are encouraged to join clubs and extracurricular activities such as; student council, FCCLA, Spanish club, and more. We have a phenomenal special education program that cares for each and every student with special needs. We have many students that take on coaching for the special olympics. Inola Public Schools faculty and administrators care for the students well being as well as their education.
Experience was alright. We have excellent teachers, and bright students. Personally been bullied a lot, but it happens everywhere.
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