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Ingram Independent School District Reviews

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Great staff and campus! The help and support given by the caring students and staff members make succeeding come naturally.
I have been in Ingram since Kindergarten. My mom went to Ingram as well. Its a small town community and have always had a good experience here.
Lots dual credit opportunities that are well supported. These are offered by both the Alamo College system and the University of Texas On Ramps program. The University of Texas classes are very rigorous and are preparing students for the university level courses after graduation. The classes offered by the Alamo College system are jr. college level classes that allow students additional opportunities. All of these are offered free of charge. The facilities have been renovated and are much improved. There is too much emphasis on football in the athletic program and other, more successful athletics programs are left on the back burner.
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Being at Ingram Independent School District allowed me to grow as a person. Due to the small amount of students actually enrolled into my school, it's easier for people to get to know you and become friends. Originally, I was a very quiet and introverted person. However, with the help of one of my teachers and a few of my friends I was able to gain the confidence to become more extroverted. Additionally, Ingram is very good for preparing students for what it's like in college. With several college and college readiness classes offered here, we are able to push our academic virtues to our fullest potential.
Its a school, take your kids there. Kinda required by the law, but that's cool. Has football and other sports so yeah.
I have experienced many great things over the years at Ingram Tom Moore. I have learned stats, home living, and of course how to get along with everyone. I had met my first love there. I have not only learned academics at Ingram, I learned how to live my life to the fullest.
My son has been attending the school since kindergarten, he is now in 6th grade. The counselor at the elementary was incredible! My son has struggled with behavior problems each school year. The counselor and vice principal where a true blessing.
Ingram is a wonderful school that offers many opportunities for their children, but they have a ridiculous dress code and some of the administration are bad at their job. Ingram offers many chances for the children to get ahead from tutoring to the chance to receive college credits.
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