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What I like about Inglewood Highschool is that even though the resources are some what limited to the point where we do not have class set of books students and teachers still do their best to make the best out of it.
I have been in the Inglewood Unified School District all my life and I am currently a senior at a high school in this district. Therefore, I think I can say i know how the district works pretty well. What I like about the Inglewood School District is that there is a lot of involvement with showing or expressing your culture, we support events to show each other's culture and we respect that. What I think the Inglewood school district does not offer is diversity. I am not saying this is a good or bad thing, i am simply pointing out that there is not a lot of diversity in this school district.
I would like for the student dedication to change because many students aren't dedicated to obtaining a higher education. Also, for administration and teachers to be more involved with the education of students.
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It was an interesting change that was starting in the late 90's. Unfortunately this district needs so much help.
Throughout my time in IUSD, I’ve experienced mixed results. For example, the extra curricular activities have had a tremendous impact on my life and have given me the state of mind to be college bound. However, the school districts support of basic necessities have fallen short of what they claim to give the schools of Inglewood. Their also a great group of teachers and counselors on the campuses in Inglewood however, the lack of resources become a struggle for both teacher and student.
What I like about the Inglewood Unified School District they make sure then school maintains an educational atmosphere, where the objectives are taught in a bright, friendly/supportive environment. What needs improvement is the parents involvement.
I liked how the inglewood school district would address very concerning issues and find solutions to those issues. As a student, I disliked the frequent benchmark tests that we'd have to take. I would hope that the district would provide more money for field trips in the future. I also wish that they would give city honors their own campus.
The Inglewood Unified School District needs to improve their management and keep the children's success at the top of the priority list.
From personal experience in the IUSD, the district is not as bad as people sometimes make it out to be. Although it very much still has room for improvement, new administration has been improving the district. Teachers are also invested in students academics and consulars are always there to turn to when you have questions or are in need of help academically. Parent involvement, however, could be worked on. The lack of it causes students to also lack involvement, which ultimately leads to poor school spirit.
I am a Senior at City Honors High School, which is part of the Inglewood School district. City Honors has the most caring and positive faculty there is. Their goal is to truly to help individuals get into college. They inspire the students to play sports, join clubs, and programs. They constantly give you scholarship opportunities. Although the coursework can be very challenging they support students through lunch tutoring an after-school tutoring. The school lunch is improving but it is not always that attractive.
The teachers are amazing but I wish that the school culture was more abundant and that more funds could be raised to support the schools.
I like how it is in my neighborhood, which makes it convenient for myself. I would like the district to be more organized school activities wise, other than that I have had an average experience for 12 years.
i like that inglewood school district gives you many opportunities to have a good school experience , i have seen some changes with the district over the past few years such as changing authorities and school rules to keep us more focused and safe in our community.
Being in this district is a good feeling because everyone is close but the teachers arent the best, the food is horrible, our city counsel does not care much about students like they are supposed to, and our city is very very poor.
Mike's friends at Morningside High School which is in the Inglewood school district is very distant at first but now I feel more connected to the school and more happy about even attending the school
I would love to see more resources for schools in Inglewood, CA. From renovating classes, auditoriums, and physical education outdoor sports and uniforms for students. As a former student and graduate of the Inglewood Unified School District, there were teachers who cared about my education to some who passed me along and never taught anything, I would love to see more training within teachers and administration to be on the same accord. More inducive college recruiters and teachers, teach students on the "how to's" to choose a college or any career path they choose. And finallyPOSITIVITY
We like Highland Elementary School . They have good teachers and are a blue ribbon school. The problem is that they (the district) fall short in following through witj IEPs. Also it was hard to enroll our son when we moved from a different area resulting in him missing almost 3 weeks of school.
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I believe the Inglewood School District could be more involved with their students. They seem very detached from their work and they need to stand up for the District that they work for. The employees need to understand that the community they work with is predominantly minorities and we face struggles. Thus, the District need to help its people and children by becoming more involved and supportive of them.
The Inglewood Unified School District is not one of the best districts out there but it gets the job done. The main complaint I would have with this district is the lack of funding for a better district budget and for the lack of resources with provided by the district.
As a K-12 student in IUSD, I was able to witness all the good and bad that this district has to offer. For the most part, the teachers are great! They are very passionate about what they do and are interested in creating relationships with their students. This district primarily serves students of low socioeconomic status, therefore the lack of resources is definitely something that has to be improved in order to be able to break the cycle of poverty and enhance a more well-rounded student.
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