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Ingleside Independent School District Reviews

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Pretty good school, great teachers, and understandable curriculum. I enjoy my time at Ingleside because of how planned out everything is. The teachers are very organized with their schoolwork and classrooms. The staff make sure that the students are comfortable and that they understand the lessons provided.
Ingleside is you lr average small town, with the occasional disruption. But it’s a decent school. The teachers are mostly well.
IISD is a very small school where everyone knows eachother and gets along. I would love to see the school get more funding so that we could have more clubs and activities and to expand our academic resources.
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The teachers take their time to ensure you get the information being taught. The staff is friendly and they try to stay really involved with the students.
I honestly feel so cared for by almost every teacher I've had at this school and feel like they really care for and want you to strive for success. Its been an amazing 3 and 1/2 years at Ingleside and I've loved every moment of this small town school.
This school has been great ever since I moved to Ingleside. The teachers and faculty have been everything but rude. Our school definitely gets you prepared for college and workforce. I honestly would not change anything about this school.
The teachers only want what is best for you and your future. They get you ready for college but not really the work place. I love the school spirit!
Good school compared to the one that I attended before. The only thing I would like to see a change about is that they put the word out to the student who are in great financial need instead of worrying on the ones who do not need the help as much.
To be honest from my experience of going to school here for the past 2 years has been an okay experience .The The teachers and faculty there have been wonderful but the three administrators we have there which are the vice principal and the two principal we have there have not been pleasant to have around.Why is that,well because they have been making the school year or everyone a not so good year.Also another thing I find kind of off is that why would we have 2 principles of our school in all is not big overall.and another thing that bothers me is that we are lacking in school clubs.Which we only have TWO of them.And many have many clubs but I'm guessing our school doesn't really care about that and that's one of the reasons why many students here are not involved with our school.To close this off I am very disappointed on the way our school is becoming.
What I liked a lot about Ingleside High School were the teachers, they were easy to understand at helped out greatly when it came to whatever subject you were in. What I didn't care for was the building, it was old, unclean, and falling apart. While this was while I was there, they plan on building a new, better school.
My school experience has been memorable and very much fun because of the wonderful teachers and peers that I have had. However, the school needs to spend more money on keeping things up and running and also set aside more funds for all of the programs and organizations.
Ingleside high school has amazing teacher and gives great opportunities for high school students that want a great career
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