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Indianola Community School District Reviews

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Indianola has a small town feeling in a district that is very close to Andes Moines. That can be considered a positive and a negative.
Most of the teachers are fantastic, caring, and understanding. Mr. Polasky, the Psychology teacher, is over qualified and under appreciated in his position. The music and arts department was outstanding, now they are more focused on winning than on the health and emotional well being of each student. It is no longer inclusive. The bullying at this school has also skyrocketed, because some teachers let it slide and do not confront issues head on.
Indianola had so many different areas to offer from the musical arts, to drama, to woodshop classes.
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I enjoyed our updated facilities. Our teachers are readily available to help us out and we are lucky to have DMACC classes available to take for college credit.
The teachers at Indianola are amazing. Some aren't perfect, but most of them do a great job at getting through to students. We have a variety of sports, clubs, and classes to take. I wish we had more dual-credit classes, though. We aren't a very diverse school. The students are supportive of one another and are encouraged to be our best.
Indianola is a very kind, caring, and helpful environment. There is always someone there for you if you need it. With that being said I have enjoyed my time at the Indianola Community School District and would defiantly recommend it. The only thing I would like to see change is cleaner bathroom and water fountains.
I really like how I feel involved and welcomed. I also like how if you have a problem or question there's always someone you can take to.
I have never gone to any other school district. My worst experience was my three years on middle school. I like how Indianola has the option for year round school for elementary but also the traditional schooling. If I could change anything about the school district it would be that would offer year round options for high school also.
I liked how some of the teacher where patient with you and very caring. I would hope to see the district enforce Seniors to take the personal finance class before they graduate. The school needs a bigger parking lot. I would like to see the high school and middle school encourage kids to become more involved in the community and extra activities.
The Indianola Community School district is a great place to send your kids. What I like best about this district is that the kids can create a bond with their teachers so they know they always have someone to go to if they need a friend to talk to. I strongly believe that improving the parking lots at the high school by expanding them would be a great change to the students and teachers because it would decrease the chance of car accidents and decrease parking on the curbs and blocking in cars.
The school has resources and staff to make for a very high quality education. Students are encouraged to be actively involved in extra-curricular activities such as music, sports and clubs.
Indianola High School is a great place to come and learn. The teachers are wonderful and will always go out of their way to make sure the students get the attention and help that they need. The schools graduation rate is above 95% as well as having a student body that is motivated to succeed in all areas of life.
Indianola High School is a good school. They rank high in academics and the arts. The men's sports teams are lacking, but the women's often excel. The entire school district is very friendly. Indianola is a small town, but the schools have lots of resources. The school district staff is always ready and willing to help the students learn and excel in anything they want to do. Although, as in any school, the funding for the arts programs is generally low, they do not hold back when the athletic department needs anything. Indianola Community School District is a good place for children to grow and learn and develop into their own people.
Its a great school, very friendly and clean. I would however, like to see more money put into smaller sports
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