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The only thing I liked were some of the teachers and my friends. Also, the dual enrollment. If it wasn't for that then i would have left. The food is horrible, the students don't care, they only worry about uniforms being correct instead of our education, and teachers positions always need filled.
Influx of charters schools and IPS has children that do not pay taxes in the district attending it's schools. Down right redlining the kids that live in the area
Public Schools in our area offer a variety of curriculums. Attending a high ability grade school and an IB program for high school the challenges put before me have been very rewarding
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I liked how the teachers worked extremely hard for hardly any pay. They don't get paid enough for what they do. I would like to see the quality of the schools get better. They need more recourses to keep the schools clean and fresh.
The school I went to was great in the fact that it offered a very in-depth and hands-on education. My least favorite part about attending an IPS school would simply be the lunches.
I didn't know much about the state's until I moved to Indiana from Germany in 2016. Having lived near many public schools and shared memorable experiences with friends that attended these school systems, I noticed how proper and influential the schools were. It's hard to galvanize and cultivate young adults of different ethnicities and beliefs under one roof, but the district's in Indiana manage to do it quite well. Yes, you may experience alterations and obstacles within the systems, but getting through them is part of maturing in life. I'd say that these public schools enable you to find yourself and help you get accustomed to every day experiences! That is my out look on things as a whole!
Broad Ripple is a very musically talented school and I made very good friends there. I was one of the first sixth graders and I am proud. I recently graduated from there too. It feels safe and accepting.
Been with Indianapolis public system for over 12 years I love it. The only downfall is that the school my daughter attends and where she was freshman valedictorian Broadripple school of Performing Arts is closing after this school year.
Depending on what schools you go to and what you do at the schools, it's not too bad Their magnet programs are really nice and performing arts is good. If more students and parents were involved a lot more things could work out for them. The diversity that comes within the schools is awesome and there is just about something for everyone.
This is the place where i made my most beautiful memories. Going there was the best decision my parents ever made for me.
Teachers are super nice. The school handles the students issues very well. I will definitely take my children there one day
I have been in this district my entire school life. I am even going to graduate from a public school. We may not receive as many nice things like the township schools but kids do not complain. If you are social, teachers and counselors become your close friends and care very much. Since most of the schools in the district don't have an excessive amount of students, teachers and faculty have the opportunity to interact with students and families. They all care more than you think.
The college I attend does not give the college atmosphere that i have had before in previous schools that I have attended. Its more of a commuter school.
Hi, I'm a freshman at the new highschool, Purdue Polytechnic Highschool in Indianapolis, IN. PPHS is well known for reinventing High School. What I mean by "reinventing" is that PPHS uses laptops, class furniture is more modern than regular schools,and curriculum is very unique versus average schooling. Our textbooks, grades, notes, and assignments all wrapped up in a laptop. Our school furniture is more updated to fit a classroom for 2017 and to support our core values. PPHS's core values are communication, innovation, and collaboration. Our education we receive at PPHS is unique. Instead of waiting half a school year to earn a credit. You can get one at PPHS within weeks. Also, instead of finals, we do big project cycles. We're given a challenge by companies, businesses, or organizations to help solve their problem. These projects typically last for 4-6 weeks. PPHS is more than meets the eye. I hope parents and students see the amount of innovation and potential PPHS has!
Ips provides a helpful and diverse educational enviorment. Ips have teachers that are involved and cares about the success of their students.
I went to a public middle school. It was actually a pretty decent experience. The facility was huge and was decent. Most students had limited access to academic and emotional support at school simply because there were so many students. Overall, the diversity was lacking but the academics were decent.
I love IPS as a district, especially as a student at Shortridge High School but I think that it could improve its food.
I attended public school in kindergarten- threw third grade. I had some great teachers. public schools are really nice. Public schools lead me to where I am today, and what I am becoming in my future.
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I liked how diverse it was but I would like to see more improvements from the athletic depts. and the teaching and safety depts.
My experience going to Ips schools was great they treat you right and want the best learning for all students.
I spent most of my younger student years attending IPS. While the teachers and faculty were amazing with students and put motivation behind their learning, the school system itself was a mess. There would be talk of closing a school down, missing credits, and overall miscommunication. The classes were huge, with one teacher and a range of twenty five students. There were also no after school activities or funds within anything other than sports at most schools.
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