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Great school, some great teachers, some bad, strong music & art programs, only sport they care about is the football team, felt very unprepared for college, safe school
The teacher were helpful but I felt under prepared for college. There are good opportunities through the school and IUP, but if you did not take those you could end up lacking in some areas. I also felt that the school was not very inclusive of everyone there are definitely issues with clubs and the inclusivity of them. The school also does not help with scholarships as much as it should. They need to go into classes and talk to kids about applying because I missed so many opportunities that I didn't know I had.
Indiana High School is a warm welcoming school. It allows many students to manage there time by helping them take online classes. While helping us with time management we also have a nice little coffee shop for the students. We have lots of sport like football, volleyball, etc. We are very supportive of all our sport. As a school, we try to make sure everyone is safe and always protected from any danger. Our teachers always make sure that we are learning everything we need and if we need help we can just ask or even email them if we are unable to get to them during class.
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Overall, my time at Indiana Area School District has been a good experience and has prepared me for my future. The school has many academic and extracurricular activities that everyone can pursue and be apart of. However, the school focuses more heavily on sports rather than fine arts, which could be improved on.
The educational experience here is pretty average. There are great opportunities for AP courses, but not much diversity in coursework. Science and mathematics are the most common AP classes, along with a few social studies. There is a great, closely connected community here, and it is easy to make friends and feel like one fits in.
Indiana Area High School is an amazing school that I've been going to for a year and a half now. I moved to Indiana the start of my junior year. Scared because I knew no one. As a new kid in school I worried how I'd make friends, but I didn't have too worry because they had a solution. Their solution was to have ambassadors who assist the new kids. Having an ambassador was truly a blessing to help me adapt to a new environment. Indiana has an excellent curriculum. Compared to my first two years of high school my grades have improved tremendously. I averaged B's/C's whereas now I make honors every quarter. Teachers here take time to help students and teach thoroughly. If I have a problem understanding a question they do not make me feel ashamed. At Indiana the teachers care about the students. If I seem down they ask if everything is okay with me. I feel safe at Indiana because they have a security guard on the school grounds at all hours of the school day.
Attending to IUP is definitely one of the most memorable things I had done. I really enjoyed my time here. Just wish there where more food options and longer hours of service.
I am homeschooled, but I live in the Indiana area school district. They worked with us very well during my homeschooling. They are generous in allowing us to participate in their sports or attend a few classes if we are struggling in a particular academic area. Some school districts put up a fight against homeschooling, but Indiana was very accommodating.
I would love to see Indiana develop better resources for helping students with learning disabilities. I would also like to see them reevaluate how A.P. courses are taught.
I think most of the faculty and staff care about their students. The course work is better than most of the surrounding schools and test scores are very high for IASD. Schools in the district are advanced when it comes to technology but also may be too dependant on online work. Overall I think IASD was a great experience but also being that I only attended IASD I may be biased.
I enjoyed the rigorous classes. Many of the teachers were well-qualified and the school was, and is, the highest-ranking in the county. My only qualm would be that teachers regularly picked favorites, and that a lot of students "got away" with bullying and harassing other students because they either were "in" with the teachers, or had prominent parents.
Elementary schools are lacking proper space to accommodate. Many of them aren’t even handicapped accessible. The district struggles immensely with being able to handle atypical students with special needs and IEPs.
This district is a nice place to go to school. The technology that is incorporated into the lessons is fantastic.
I moved to Indiana, PA from Michigan and Detroit isn't the best on reputation this school has amazing sport and music options and classes. You have a wide variety to choose from.
I liked how there was a diversity to all of the students. There isn't very much clubs or organizations to be apart of.
The classes at school are challenging enough but not too challenging. Teachers are relatively good at the school, yet there are some that instill their personal beliefs in the classroom. Guidance counselors are not much help in regards for what comes after high school for students individually.
Indiana Senior High School is a great school to prepare a student for college. The academics and opportunities are there for those who chose to use those opportunities.
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I enjoyed the variety of electives offered, and the diversity acceptance of the school. The teachers are exceedingly helpful, and the classes are hands-on and intuitive. Due to a recent remodel, school efficiency is at an all-time high. The staff is wonderful, helpful and eager to engage themselves in student life, making the entire environment exceedingly successful.
Wide variety of resources. When not available at the school, there is a university where students can get additional opportunities.
The high school and Jr high are above average all around. Some of the elementary schools need revamped. The education is preparing most students for post high school jobs or education.
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