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I am homeschooled, but I live in the Indiana area school district. They worked with us very well during my homeschooling. They are generous in allowing us to participate in their sports or attend a few classes if we are struggling in a particular academic area. Some school districts put up a fight against homeschooling, but Indiana was very accommodating.
I would love to see Indiana develop better resources for helping students with learning disabilities. I would also like to see them reevaluate how A.P. courses are taught.
I think most of the faculty and staff care about their students. The course work is better than most of the surrounding schools and test scores are very high for IASD. Schools in the district are advanced when it comes to technology but also may be too dependant on online work. Overall I think IASD was a great experience but also being that I only attended IASD I may be biased.
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I enjoyed the rigorous classes. Many of the teachers were well-qualified and the school was, and is, the highest-ranking in the county. My only qualm would be that teachers regularly picked favorites, and that a lot of students "got away" with bullying and harassing other students because they either were "in" with the teachers, or had prominent parents.
Elementary schools are lacking proper space to accommodate. Many of them aren’t even handicapped accessible. The district struggles immensely with being able to handle atypical students with special needs and IEPs.
This district is a nice place to go to school. The technology that is incorporated into the lessons is fantastic.
I moved to Indiana, PA from Michigan and Detroit isn't the best on reputation this school has amazing sport and music options and classes. You have a wide variety to choose from.
I liked how there was a diversity to all of the students. There isn't very much clubs or organizations to be apart of.
The classes at school are challenging enough but not too challenging. Teachers are relatively good at the school, yet there are some that instill their personal beliefs in the classroom. Guidance counselors are not much help in regards for what comes after high school for students individually.
Indiana Senior High School is a great school to prepare a student for college. The academics and opportunities are there for those who chose to use those opportunities.
I enjoyed the variety of electives offered, and the diversity acceptance of the school. The teachers are exceedingly helpful, and the classes are hands-on and intuitive. Due to a recent remodel, school efficiency is at an all-time high. The staff is wonderful, helpful and eager to engage themselves in student life, making the entire environment exceedingly successful.
Wide variety of resources. When not available at the school, there is a university where students can get additional opportunities.
The high school and Jr high are above average all around. Some of the elementary schools need revamped. The education is preparing most students for post high school jobs or education.
I like how many choices in classes we take. Especially, if we want to leave early to do an internship or work. Also, dual enrollment.
I feel that going through the ideal program at Indiana Area School prepares me for the classes I will go through college. They are hard, but the teacher makes it easy way of learning
I enjoyed high school at Indiana for the most part, but there were times where I hated it. Some of those times include: when my English teacher would miss weeks at a time in 10th grade because of drugs, and yet she was never fired, when halfway through my junior year my chemistry teacher didn't care to teach us anymore because we just got Chromebooks so we basically taught ourselves for 6 months. Having my gym teacher judge me and make comments on how I am an athlete and yet can't do a push up in gym class, I couldn't because even though I didn't know it at the time I needed wrist surgery. Other than that high school was good, I made friends as I went and kept friends from elementary school as well. Sports were a big part of my life in high school and it was enjoyable to say the least, teachers are nice and helpful, besides a few.
I've really enjoyed my college so far, that I'm a first semester junior! I have teachers who have life experiences in the criminal justice field and the courses are in great detail. There's not really anything I dislike about my school.
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