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Indian Valley Local School District Reviews

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I like how friendly the teachers are. They will make jokes to make their lecture more entertaining, or some teachers will just listen to you if you have a problem or need to get something off your chest. They will advice you, and if you don't understand how they're teaching a topic, they will try to explain it differently or you can ask a different teacher. However, some teachers, not very many, just a few, are a little to easy-going. They don't discipline at all, which can result the classroom going into chaos. Again, this is only with one or two teachers, but I would like it if they were a bit stricter.
Great school with great teachers that loves to see its students succeed. A very strong athletic and arts programs.
It's a very good school. They start to push freshman to start thinking about coolege and what they want to do after high school.
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I switched to Indian Valley the year before last and I love it. The academics are great, the kids were so welcoming, the teachers are awesome... I have no regrets.
Hi everyone, my high school, Indian Valley, is very unique. What I like most about it is that it’s a smaller school so everyone knows almost everyone in the district! What I believe could change is the lunch times. I believe we should have longer lunches than 40 minutes.
Indian Valley is very open and accepting to others. There is little to no bullying and pretty much everyone gets alone. The academics and teachers are wonderful.
Compared to the other school districts in the area, Indian Valley is relatively safe and without any major bullying. The teachers really care about the students' education especially in high school. They make sure that students are ready for college. Because of this school, my first year of college was pretty easy and I'm a mechanical engineering student!
My favorite part of Indian Valley were the teachers who believed in me. If it were not for specific teachers, I would not be where I am today. I also loved how our school felt like a family. Indian Valley is very small, so everyone knows everyone.
Indian Valley High School is like a family to me. We're all very close. Everybody knows everybody, because it's such a small school. I love when we all come together on Friday nights and enjoy football. Sports is always a big deal here. Everybody wants to know how the football team did. It's a close, family-oriented school.
I had a great time at this school. The teachers and administration are great and would help you with anything.
I love the Indian Valley School District, I could not imagination going to a different school throughout the years. I has given me the opportunity to be a FFA officer and learn things by doing. Indian Valley offers extracurricular activity that many other local schools don't. They teachers care and the kids are kind. The only thing I could think to change about Indian Valley is the food.
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