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The Indian River School District is trying very hard to be transparent and make the district better. With being the largest district in Sussex County it makes it a bit hard with so low state support per student.
Being a junior at Indian River High School I have learned all there is about trying to achieve the full high school experience. At Indian River High School the teachers push the students to try to succeed and do their best. There's many types of academic classes it offers for the students personal preference. Our school accepts anyone and everyone who would like to attend no matter their race or background. I also believe that the school provides a significant amount of information to the parents of the students. Indian River High school updates the parents on future events coming up, along with teachers having parent meeting conferences about how the student is either excelling in their classes, or how they could motivate themselves to try harder. In the end, Indian River High School has given me all the experiences I hoped for in middle and elementary school.
I attended Indian River school district throughout all of school until graduation. I believe that Indian River sets their students up for success. One thing that I find odd about Indian River High School is that it seems like they value their sports more than they value getting an education, of course I liked that better, being a football player, but at the end of the day I was not prepared for college, but was good at playing football!
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The district as a whole has a very average administration. There still is some antiquated rules regarding the "dress code" and cell phone usage in school. Aside from that, I would call the district a safe learning environment with good teachers and an even better student body.
Indian River, while not the wealthiest or necessarily best high school in our area, did provide me and my peers with a relatively good high school experience. The education, for the most, is pretty beneficial, thanks to some very talented teachers. We did have quite a few administrative transitions, which was interesting. But, one real improvement that I'd love to see for our school would be better funding.
I attended IR for all my schooling. Phillip C. Showell is a superior elementary school with very dedicated teachers. Selbyville Middle School is ok. IRHS is excellent - good teachers, caring staff. Excellent school system for special ed kids.
Depending on the schools you go to, your experience could be better or worse. In my time through public school, my best years were in high school as compared to my younger years.
I would like to see the teachers get involved more with the kids and interact with them in different events that support the designated class. Teacher involvement will inspire the kids to want to do more in the classroom and actually learn the material that will be taught.
I use to like this school district now I don't know what they are doing they are wasting money and not being interested in the students education all they care about is sports and there sports aren't even good they need to give money to the art and music department and they need to give a little raise for the teachers and do improvements on the school it self in stead of sports!!! and we need more books and more laptops
I went to Indian River high school for four years, it wasn't really bad I just think it could be better. The teachers favored kids, and when I say favored they favored the athletes. There were path ways but not for every job, for instance I want to be a teacher and the closest thing I can get to it was graphic design and all we did was work on photoshop. My senior year came around and I had to take art. There wasn't a lot of options at all.
I have been in the Indian River School District since I was in pre-school. Both my older sister and I grew up in the school district area. I love the school and how they provide a safe environment for all the students and teachers. Their are some things that I do not agree with, but t is for the better of all the schools.
Personally, I had a positive experience with Indian River School District (especially at IRHS). I made lifelong friends, was very involved, and received excellent grades. However, the work (overall) was not very challenging, and I struggled my first semester of college because of it.
The Indian River School District is so top heavy at their district office. If they were to cut some fat at the district office and stream line their operation and management style, they would have more money to put toward the students.
Indian River School District is a successful district. Sussex Central High School is a school with great academic opportunities and there are many ways to become involved.
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