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Indian River County School District Reviews

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The teachers, staff, and workers are all good people. However, the facilities and funding can be lacking, which is nobody's fault except the government's. The people working try their best for us every day.
I've had an overall average experience enrolling in the district of Indian River County School. The only change I wish to see in the upcoming future is the academic criteria and some more caring teachers.
I have lived in Vero Beach for my entire life, and gone to school in Indian River School District, going to two public schools, Beachland Elementary and Charter High School. I love the town I have grown up in and share many memories here. The schools have been up to par in most areas. If anything the curriculum is lacking the most as well as food options. Charter High School’s performing arts programs are absolutely amazing. I have flourish in every way I can possible in high school. The teachers are personable and kind. I feel that I have had a great experience and would recommend this school to anyone.
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I like how the school district has made the student life very involved and a positive place to be. I wish the school district would stop altering our dress code although because that is our way to express ourselves I understand that students shouldn't wear pajamas or mesh although I disagree with the "no hoodie policy" and the "No leggings policy" because the schools are often extremely cold which makes it hard to focus on the curriculum in the class. I believe they could handle fights that happen at school more firmly as they continue to happen which makes me feel less safe.
I would like to see a change in Administration within the schools because I feel like they need to become better. The safety and parent involvement within the schools is definitely great!
Teachers tend to care more about dress code than helping students fully understand required curriculum.
We have a great school district in Indian River. The acedemics are good, along with the diversity, school culture, clubs, safety, sports, and resources.
The Indian River County School District is really helpful at all time. The staffs are nice and willing to help anyone with anythig.
Going to school in this district was definitely a great choice that I was happy I was able to make. I got into Indian River Charter High School when I was a high school student and it was a school I felt so lucky to be in. I met so many great people from attending this school and the teachers helped me succeed successfully in my classes. A thing I would say needs improvement is making the campus more safe as it is out in the open where anyone could walk in and cause trouble. Inserting fences around the campus could be something to fix the issue.
I was a student in Indian River County my entire life. I was always impressed by the opportunities I was given throughout my time there. I enjoyed the opportunities I had at Vero Beach High School especially. There were lots of clubs and organizations to be apart of that gave me many different ways to express myself.
This college is a really good college they care and help you as much as they can. They also they have good service and will get back to you ASAP.
Indian River School District is a well rounded system dedicated to further each student's education. Growing up as a home-schooler, the IRSCD made it possible for me to be skipped up a grade and ready for college work by age 16. Education is not the only focus of the IRCSD, but also to be hand in hand with each individual helping them tackle life's toughest struggles.
I like that the School District of Indian river County gets students involved with the community. The academics are world-class, diversity transcendent, the teachers top-notch, college readiness supreme, clubs & activities striking, safety is prime, school culture priceless, administration premium, sports piked, the food is peerless, resources are noted, facilities notable, and parent involvement meritorious.
I like how caring the teachers are staff are about the students that attend. One thing that I would like to see change is a more diverse selection of sports and clubs. I would also like to see more options for the business and art classes that Indian River Star College offers.
I love the teachers here. They really care about the students. I wish there was more classes to take that would fit the student college major cost.
The amount of scholarship opportunities in Indian River is outstanding, the sports program is fantastic and the arts and entertainment are some of the best in the state. Unfortunately students who have IEP's or 504's do not get the advantage or the help that they should. More training with kids with disabilities is needed along with more anti bullying campaigns. I don't feel that there at enough sources or opportunities for students with learning disabilities and they are either pushed through the system or made to feel unimportant. I believe the school system is getting better each year helping those who struggle but the amount of kids that need help not only academically but emotionally I don't feel are being taken care of properly. The school system as a whole is slow to advance technology wise however steps such as google classroom are now being recognized. Hopefully this is a trend that will continue.
I have been in this school district for all of my education since kindergarten. As the years have gone on and the older I have become the more I realized how truly messed up the school system is. The school district does not fully understand what the schools themselves go through. A single day of examining class rooms will not be able to give them the full insight of what is going on. for the school district to actually get an understand of what is going on in their schools they need to talk to the students rather than the faculty. With that being said I have had great experiences through this school system as well. I have had great life changing moments thanks to some of my teachers and they have helped me understand who I am and who I want to become.
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Throughout my experience being a student in the Indian River School District I have been greatly exposed to a multitude of learning opportunities and educational enhancements. I enjoyed the great effort my teachers put forward into helping improve and better be able to tackle a STEM degree while in college. I feel as though the Indian River School District has some of the best staff and I wouldn't have wanted to attend school any where else.
I would like better food at VBHS. Also,I think that the guidance counselors can be a little more involved with us students.
Living in Indian River County has offered me many opportunities, in which I do not believe I would have received if not here. I have been able to Dual Enroll in college classes since I have been a freshman in High School. It has giving me the drive to go as far as I could and will be graduating High School with an AA degree from College. It has made me proud that we had these opportunities and will make me continue to drive forward to achieve my dreams.
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