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Indian River County School District Reviews

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I am a Junior student attending one of the Indian River County High schools. Overall, the academic and learning environment is very efficient. Attending one of their schools has made me a more successful student.
I have went to Sebastian high school for the past 4 years. The first couple years were great but as i got into being a senior it started to become worse because there were so many new rules. The teachers have always been nice and they have tried helping out when they can. Their sports here have great athletes and we always do good.
Gradated from high school in 2014. They had decent funding before then, but I noticed it started to drop off. Great teachers though.
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My experience with thi county school district is satisfactory. I would like to see more communication and involvement between the parents and teachers. I know they want the student to have responsibility,but the is lack of information between parent and teachers.
Indian River County is a really good district to be in. Although it has its benefits, I personally think that (IRCHS) that every school should have sports in them(for ex. I like to play volleyball on a team but can't because there is no team at my school and I don't have time to drive to another school and play there), and also better lunch meals. Sometimes the food is very cold, or something else is bad with it. So I think IRC should improve its qualities, and change these certain situations.
I love my high school, Indian River Charter High, but my experience in the rest of the district has been less than great. Both my middle and elementary school experiences were awkward and unpleasant, with less than average teachers and meh educational opportunities.
I love how Indian River County is a close-knit community. Everyone is connected to one another through a person who knows a person and so on. However, I would change how the public schools prepare their college bound students seeing as they lack knowledge about FAFSA, several community scholarship etc.
Overall, the school district is a diverse and somewhat welcoming community. Personally, I prefer certain schools over others, just depending on who you are and what you hope to get out of your experience while in the institution. Indian River Charter High School is a wonderful school, filled with diverse and loving teachers and students, who encourage one another to be there truest self. The school district has done a wonderful job in promoting and encouraging these schools to be great.
I go to Indian River Charter High School. I love that all the teachers are willing to go out of their way to help us and make sure we understand the material. We always have things going on such as theater performances, jazz concerts, and after school festivities. I enjoy how we can choose our classes and we get breaks.
I attend Indian River Charter High School. Currently I’m a senior and the best thing about the school is that it tremendously helps prepare you for college. I wouldn’t have known how to do anything college related if it weren’t for my high school.
Indian River County is a nice place and friendly community full of friends and family and good education.
Opportunities are abundant. And you are able to travel with your friends to your next education step in a sense.
Indian river county school district is at best a average at overseeing academics. I feel that not enough funding goes into our school district. It could do so much more and provide more if just there was the funding in place.
The teachers, staff, and workers are all good people. However, the facilities and funding can be lacking, which is nobody's fault except the government's. The people working try their best for us every day.
I've had an overall average experience enrolling in the district of Indian River County School. The only change I wish to see in the upcoming future is the academic criteria and some more caring teachers.
I have lived in Vero Beach for my entire life, and gone to school in Indian River School District, going to two public schools, Beachland Elementary and Charter High School. I love the town I have grown up in and share many memories here. The schools have been up to par in most areas. If anything the curriculum is lacking the most as well as food options. Charter High School’s performing arts programs are absolutely amazing. I have flourish in every way I can possible in high school. The teachers are personable and kind. I feel that I have had a great experience and would recommend this school to anyone.
I like how the school district has made the student life very involved and a positive place to be. I wish the school district would stop altering our dress code although because that is our way to express ourselves I understand that students shouldn't wear pajamas or mesh although I disagree with the "no hoodie policy" and the "No leggings policy" because the schools are often extremely cold which makes it hard to focus on the curriculum in the class. I believe they could handle fights that happen at school more firmly as they continue to happen which makes me feel less safe.
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I would like to see a change in Administration within the schools because I feel like they need to become better. The safety and parent involvement within the schools is definitely great!
Teachers tend to care more about dress code than helping students fully understand required curriculum.
We have a great school district in Indian River. The acedemics are good, along with the diversity, school culture, clubs, safety, sports, and resources.
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