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As a new student at Indian River I have been overwhelmed by encouraging faculty and a school adviser who has helped me get involved. They have multiple advanced courses and concurrent enrollment programs to help prepare students for college. I am currently taking several which has pushed me to acquire stringent study habits which will help me in college next year. They have numerous clubs for students interested in everything from baking to advocating against drunk driving. I believe that this school provides students with many opportunities to give them a memorable high school experience and provide them with an impressive resume for higher education.
The teachers try their best in most cases, but some of them will refuse to help you when you need it.
I’ve attended Indian River Central School District for 6 Years . Indian River is a diverse military school located in upstate New York. I started as a middle schooler there in 6 grade. Indian river has opened many doors for me as well as opportunities. The sports and facilities are amazing and continue to grow tremendously every year. Teachers provide the best resources and education for the students as much as possible. They have prepared me as much as possible to be ready to start my college years that are ahead of me . This school and community has helped me grown as a person as well as a student. Over these past few years i am very fortunate to have the opportunity to attend Indian River . We love thee !
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My experience at Indian River High was great. I spent all of my four years there and got to participate in sports every year. I loved how the community was so close and were always participating in fundraisers and other school held events.
I liked the opportunity to take college level classes. I would like to see the emphasis on sports shifted somewhere else.
The teachers are great, however the administrative and board is not very good.
There is a lot of bullying that takes place from athletes, but because they are athletes they were not taken care of properly. If you are popular, you can get away with almost anything which I think is sad. I want to teach because I want to change the system and how it is ran.
Indian River is an exceptional school district. They offer a wide variety of options for student involvement during school and after school. It is a great place to obtain a quality education that will likely take many other students to even greater heights in their future. However, I do not believe that there should be as many graduation requirements. Our school is one of many that has to write a senior paper and do a school to work program to graduate. This also includes a job shadow that I believe should be optional as some people already have a job of their own and know how to dress and behave during an interview. Although some people may want to take a job shadowing opportunity to have more practice before they apply for their own job, it should be an option for them, not a graduation requirement. In general, Indian River is an amazing district filled with diversity and learning opportunities for all students.
i’ve had the worst experience at this school. the teachers are rude & so is administration. you don’t get a lot of resources. doesn’t help a lot with college readiness. just not the best school. can do way better
Indian River was a great school for many different things I learned alot and had plenty of time for sports and theatre year round I had some great teachers that made me want to strive for greatness in my future
I can be the first to say that IR is one of the best schooling systems around. Since kindergarten, my siblings and I have had numerous chances to grow into the people we are now. IR pushes only for the best, and will give everyone that attends the school chances to show their very best. The amount of clubs, activities (in and out of school), the trips and studies offered are exquisite and so preparing for when we go out on our own. Great vibes come off from IR, and that is why I am looking to go back and work for the phys. ed. wing. I am proud to say that I am a soon to be alumni of Indian River and will be sure that I always give positive feedback for there is nothing to change about our school besides the lunch!
I really enjoyed many of the teachers and staff at Indian River. Although it's a big school, if you are a committed student, you will do well and have many opportunities. I played sports, joined clubs and had several activities I was involved in. There are also many opportunities to take college level classes, if you go through without taking advantage of all that is available it is your loss!
While attending Indian River I participated in honors classes, cross country, and track. I enjoyed every aspect of my experience in high school. The teachers went above and beyond on teaching the material and prepared me extremely well for college. Also the relationships that I created there will last me the rest of my life and have made me the person I am today. I loved my time at Indian River.
After spending my entire high school career here, I would have to say that it was a very interesting experience. Adapting to this kind of environment from what I'm use to was very stressful but Indian River is filled with the right type of resources to get over this adjustment. Their extracurricular activities were the best. I was on the track team there and it was the best part of my high school career. This is definitely a great school to consider. Make sure you really pick your friends wisely because this school is very difficult when it comes to your social life.
I had a great experience at Indian River, attending kindergarten through graduation. I enjoyed meeting knew students each year because of the military families moving to Fort Drum. However I did loose many friends because their family was stationed at a different location. Indian river provides a great academic opportunity with multiple advanced courses as well as college classes through Jefferson Community College, University of Albany and Syracuse University. This school district also provides a large variety of sport and extra curricular activities for all students.
Academics are outstanding and there are many different opportunities for a diverse environment of students who come from all over the world due to our neighbor Fort Drum.
Indian River Central School District has a fair amount of diversity primarily because of Fort Drum, New York. The teachers and staff are helpful and they have plenty of school clubs, activities, and sports.
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