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Indian Lake Local School District Reviews

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The teachers and staff are amazing, they are very involved and do there best to make the experience as great as possible.
The school district is lacking in resources but makes up for it in quality of teacher. I was very well supported and prepared in making my move to college. The food would definitely be my biggest area of complaint. Overall would reccomend if your looking for a boring school in the country.
I was taught all the basic knowledge I need to get through life. I have had teachers that care about me and how I do. They try really hard to help me and my fellow classmates succeed, especially when it comes to applying for college, and getting recommendation letters for colleges and scholarships. If I could see one thing change, it would be the cafeteria. We are not getting fed quality food. We receive small portions of bland food. Other than that I have had a great experience attending Indian Lake schools.
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ILHS has gave me every chance to be the best person I can be and has helped me grow into the woman I am today.
I enjoyed the small classes with personal contact with the teachers. Teachers were able to have more one on one time in the morning. The music department has been rapidly growing and provides great music teachers. Since it was a small school, I felt I was able to become more of an individual without being held back.
Great school with teachers who care. with a awesome diversity. They make your education important and care.
Indian lake high school over all is a very good school, the teachers are pretty good here the prepare you for college the best they can.i have been in the school district all the way from kindergarten to my senior year.The coaches here are for the most part pretty good, the food could be a lot better . The administration is pretty good they really care about there students and try to help them as much as they can. I have played sports the whole four years that I have been here and we have a very supportive student body. Overall I think I would rate my school an eight out of ten. We do have room for improvement.
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