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Great school, the people are spoiled, the teachers are amazing and I will miss them once I graduate.
The environment at Indian Hill is very encouraging, and there are always opportunities for community service or involvement in other activities. Most of the teachers are very helpful and willing to give additional assistance to students who need it. However, there seems to be an arbitrary trend of giving older teachers more lenience. Senior age teachers can be strict and unadaptable, even though it obviously harms their students.
Most teachers and administration seem to really care about their jobs and students! They listen to students and are usually open to changes.
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I am a senior at Indian Hill High School. I transferred here in my sophomore year and very quickly, I felt at home with friends and amazing teachers in the district. Not only are we very good in sports, we consistently do well in robotics, DECA and Mock Trial throughout the state. I have had a wonderful time here and yes, some classes are a lot of work, but I have learned so much and the teachers are always there for you when you need them. Everyone is willing to help when you need it and the students are also very supportive.
indian hill is overall an amazing school district. all of the teachers are very qualified for their jobs and the districts benefits greatly from being in a near city setting and a well off neighborhood. with the money influx and the amazing administration, the school is run very well and to the upmost of capabilities for teaching students
I would like to change the drama teacher in the high school. I find her to be too selective and hard to be part of the cast that has a role. Because of this bad experience it makes me think less of the Indian hill school district. Over the years I have always thought the Indian hill school district teachers were great but a very bad teacher in Katy Arbor the drama teacher has changed my mind about the Indian Hill school district . I hope this bad experience will not happen to other students in the future of Indian hill school students. I have voiced many concerns r/t Katy Arbor along with many other parents to the hs principal and administration but there have not been any changes nor has there been any communication r/t this matter.
I love IHHS. The teachers are very nice and there are a wide variety of classes to take. I wish we had a block schedule every day of the week instead of just Wednesday and Thursday
Indian Hill has been a place where I feel safe and welcomed. I look forward to coming into school each day.
This high school does a great job preparing students for college. It is a safe and positive environment that makes education the first priority.
Indian Hill High School allows many opportunities for students to explore new ideas. It is a community of learners dedicated to the intellectual development, personal growth, and social responsibility of each student. Academics are second to none, with 27 AP classes and highly challenging courses being a core at the school. Student experience is rounded out with award-winning extracurriculars and athletics, plus service and leadership opportunities to develop confidence and maturity.
Very high academic standards and a very competitive environment. Teachers prepare students very well for future college classes with rigorous courses.
Couldn't have asked for a more supportive and inclusive community striving to be the best it can be.
My time at Indian Hill was fantastic thanks to my involvement in their band program from grade 5 to grade 12. These schools defiantly earn their rank as some of the best schools in Ohio.
Indian Hill academically is an exceptional school. The courses offered are rigorous and are aimed to help prepare their students for college. Located in an area with a higher socioeconomic status, this allows the district to receive a generous amount of funding from donations, which in turn helps provide programs and any resources students need to be successful. Many of the students who attend Indian Hill schools come from wealthier backgrounds and so at times it can be hard to be acclimated into the social aspect of school, however don't let that deter you. Overall the Indian Hill Exempted Village School District is a district that is safe, academically challenging and the faculty cares about their students. If you're looking for a school that in the end will help your child become more successful and will prepare them for the challenges of college, I highly recommend this school district.
I loved my experience here and I do not think I would be as prepared in college without the intense education I was provided here.
I have attended Indian Hill High School since 1st grade, and I can honestly say that I can't imagine a better educational experience. Whether it be because of the vast amount of AP classes offered, the vigor of the coursework, or the learning environment, I know that I will have no problems with my college courses next year.
Indian Hill High School is a fantastic school that not only prepares students for college, but for life in the future. The high school offers a diverse and ample amount of AP classes that allow students to take college level courses that interest them and that they can apply to their future academic career. The teachers are extremely caring and helpful and always strive to better their students academic experience. The school offers a safe learning environment where students can effectively learn and get a better education. Indian Hill also offers plenty of activities and clubs, as well as many successful sports programs. Overall it is an amazing school with plenty of opportunity.
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This school is well known for how well their students do academically. Of all of the high schools I have attended I feel none compare to how well they have prepared me for college and help the application process a breeze. I truly appreciate the time, care and effort that is put fourth for my education here at Indian Hill High School. I will and forever be a proud Brave!!!
Relocated here several years ago with two school age children. Schools have been fantastic in teaching/accommodating all ranges of learning abilities. Administration really seems to care and get involved. Economic diversity is lower than many suburban districts, however there is significant cultural diversity from turnover of international students attending as part of parent job rotations. My kids have friends from all over the world in just a few years. Sports and activities are good for size of district (100-170 students per grade level).
The school overall has a strong academic experience, and they know this, therefore they push their students to do the best they can. The only thing I would criticize is that the lunches are kinda crappy if you buy, and they tend to spend the most time and money on football and soccer, sports which win more. Students who are social will fit in while unsocial students who struggle might feel left out by teachers who tend to form personal relationship with students (who are social).
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