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Indian Hill Exempted Village School District Reviews

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In education, this school is one of the best in the country. However, in order to pursue this rating accurately, I have the obligation to go in-depth to what the environment is like as well.
I would say about one-third of my class specifically has been here since kindergarten. This wouldn't necessarily be a predicament to be dealt with, except nearly everyone in this academy possesses a variety of privileges surrounding them and no one really seems to process that. Practically all the students live in multimillion-dollar homes and are soaking in a pool of white privilege.
Many of these students don't have many friends outside the school district, and therefore, have never been outside of Indian Hill, an abundance of mansions and Europeans. Most of my companions who attend this school don't know how to do their laundry or even take a public bus. How are these students ever going to discover what happens in the real world?
Indian Hill is a great community where staff helps prepare students for life after high school. In my experience, teachers helped me for classes I took in college. There were a number of times that ideas taught in my college classes were things I had been introduced to in high school.
I moved here in the middle of my high school career. All of the students, teachers, and administrators were so welcoming. All my teachers helped me in this transition and when I was struggling. Love the teachers and the people.
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I loved the teachers and the teaching at Indian Hill, it is a very hard school and will help prepare you for college. However, it is a very closed environment, meaning usually people who go to Indian Hill only know about the Indian Hill area, so it will be a big environment change once you graduate.
A nurturing and caring environment for kids. There is NO BULLYING. It does not exist. Kids and families are super nice. First emphasize is to be a kind individual then work hard and then succeed. Be kind to yourself, your friends and the environment. Academically very competitive. The goal is to love the school and books. Both my kids love school and they love reading. Mission Accomplished right there. Teachers are top-notch. So many clubs and activities. This place is much better than a private school. I am extremely happy with the teachers, families, and management. After school service is amazing. They care about your kids and you. This is the right place to be if you dont want to worry about school and your kids' mental health.
The district invests in excellent teachers, resources and staff. Very happy with curriculum and programs.
They have done a great job providing me with educational and social opportunities. The teachers and administration make sure that they are doing their best to prepare us for our post high school plans.
The Indian Hill High School has provided a complete general education with interests in leadership, philanthropy and sports. With many AP opportunities, the curricula is challenging while having a varied club opportunity environment.
Frankly the school district is not all too bad, there just is clear prejudice which is expected in a predominantly rich, white, community. The people who are there clearly are trying to make an effort to eliminate the racial "tension" within the community and establish more diversity. Overall not a ad district at all, great teachers who genuinely love to teach and inspire.
Indian Hill embraced my creativity in learning, teachers are excellent and resources are always readily available. Facilities are excellent and are continually improving. Parents and administration are always involved in programs. They also have excellent sports program and facilities. Thank you Indian Hill!
I have attended Indian Hill since freshman year. Academically, I feel as if I am very prepared for college and I feel supported by the teachers and faculty. Athletically, I am a competitive swimmer and I have truly been given outstanding opportunities to present an excellent showcase for colleges, as I want to pursue varsity swimming at the college level. While all of these things are positive and push me towards a bigger and brighter future, the social climate of Indian Hill is a part of the district that I wish would improve. Being a new freshman in 2016, I did not feel welcomed by my classmates or even by many students at all. Most of them had been together for all 9 years leading up to high school, but overall I was not expecting that social climate of Indian Hill. Overall, The Indian Hill Village School District has given me many opportunities to further my academic and athletic careers, and have set me up wonderfully to be successful in not just school or the pool, but in life.
Lacks diversity and thus there is a bit of a toxic atmosphere within the student body. The faculty's attitude is unpredictable as it can vary from helpful and understanding to barking and cranky.
I love the community at Indian Hill High School. There are many clubs to join (especially for how small the district is) and the people are very friendly. However, one thing that I would like the district to change is the fact that they only have AP classes and regular classes, there are no in betweens like honors. It can be challenging picking to go to an easy class for you or a challenging class.
What I liked most about Indian Hill was how they prepared students for all tests, AP exams, and college courses. They also gave them resources the help them do their best. They had a "camp" for college applications and being able to go to that camp and speak with admission counselors was incredibly helpful when I applied for colleges
Your experience at Indian Hill depends on who you are. If you are a privileged person you will fit right in. If you are less than privileged, your time here can be a little difficult.
It is a Really good environment. #6 high school in the country. All teachers prepare you for college. There are tons of AP courses you can take, even as a freshman. All classes are hard but manegable. The students are a great student body.
Best school ever. Teachers & Staff are amazing and communicate effectively with parents. The parents are highly involved in all levels of activities, sports and getting parents to volunteer is never a problem at this school.
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Great school, the people are spoiled, the teachers are amazing and I will miss them once I graduate.
The environment at Indian Hill is very encouraging, and there are always opportunities for community service or involvement in other activities. Most of the teachers are very helpful and willing to give additional assistance to students who need it. However, there seems to be an arbitrary trend of giving older teachers more lenience. Senior age teachers can be strict and unadaptable, even though it obviously harms their students.
Most teachers and administration seem to really care about their jobs and students! They listen to students and are usually open to changes.
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