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Academically, Indian Creek has been very average my last four years. My GPA remained above a 4.5 with honors and AP classes throughout my four years. On the athletic side, I was a 4 year letterman on the Indian Creek soccer team. The school focuses mainly on football and rarely pays attention to smaller sports in the area like soccer, which made the sport less fun as I never got recognition for my achievements. Some of these achievements include first team All-District and first team All-OVAC. I feel as if I wasn’t helped much by the school to prepare for college both athletically and academically.
The sense of Family Culture that Creek provides in a small community to their students. Each student is given the time they need to develop themselves. Classes are challenging to prepare them for life skills in college and in life. Teachers are amazing challenging them to their full potential. The bonds students make at Indian Creek are filled with life long lesson, confidence building, and strong connections.
Academically students are challenged with the rigorous course work. College credit prepares them for classes that will transfer in college. Indian Creeks extra curricular activities gets students involved in fun and responsible ways. A lot of school pride is involved through academics, extra curricular, and sporting events. Coaches give students a sense of belonging as a family. Our experience at Indian Creek has been excellent!!! I have two students who will have graduated and I fill as a parent my children have been well prepared.
Only the students who test well are placed in classes where the teachers are certified. If you did not test well you were thrown to the side and you weren't given the choice to try to do better and get better grades. It's all about the people you know.
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Although Indian Creek may not be the best school in the nation, state, or county, there is something very special about this district. We have a strong sense of family and a large community backing up our schools. From football to girl's basketball to band, these groups leave a profound effect on everyone who goes through any of these programs. We support everyone through everything, good and bad. Creek Pride!
My years at Indian Creek High School were the best four years of my life. I made so many friendships that I still have today. The only thing I wish would have been better at the high school was the building. The building has been used since the 1950s, so as you can guess it is very old.
My experience at ICHS is like extended family. Where all your teachers have invested time making sure you succeed. One thing I would change is updating technology to students can extend their learning.
Indian creek is a place where I feel at home . All the teachers are great they actually care about our well being the principals are great . We are all a big family especially with our football team and our band everyone comes together for things like that .
Indian Creek has been whirlwind for me. I have gone to this local district my whole life. I love it and also do not at times. The other kids I meant there was petty cool, I met some of my best friends there. The only thing I think could be worked on tremendously is academics and college readiness. I think the academics are not up to where they should be. Taking the ACT was hard for me because of the lack of knowledge I knew on there because of the education I received. The most positive thing experienced there was the Marching Band, it was the best thing my whole highschool career.
I attended Indian Creek from preschool to 11th grade and was homeschooled through them in 12th grade. Most of the teachers were not very good. They liked to pick favorites. While I was considered a “favorite” I still don’t think it’s fair to others and I would love to have seen an equal treatment of all students. The academics were mostly a joke. Not the teachers fault on that though, the books and resources were way too outdated to be able to properly teach/learn. The facilities were horrendous. Especially the high school. I attended the old junior high and I’m so glad they built the new middle school, and soon other been facilites.
Indian Creek was okay my four years there. though, like many other schools in Jefferson county, there were issues during the softball season this past year which were then brought into our learning environment and made the rest of my senior year a tragedy. My softball coach tried to attack my mother and always made excuses of why I didn't need to participate in games when his granddaughter joined the team. There was a lot of problems which didn't seem to matter to the staff or students and it was very disappointing.
Most of the teachers were great. Our building is old. I had a bad experience there and I am glad I am finished with high school
Indian Creek was my home for all 12 years of my primary education. I was challenged by some of my teachers and grew my friendships with others aas we walked the halls together. I wouldn't go back but it helped shape me into who I am today.
I liked that the most of the teachers tried to get you to do your best at all times however the Board of Education never really gave the students the help that they needed in this ever-changing world such as properly working computers or a laboratory with somewhat modern technology in it.
Indian Creek has a mostly dedicated teaching and administrative staff. Their facilities desperately need updating. They have a great marching band and a fair amount of extra curricular activities.
My experience at Indian Creek was amazing. I attended this school from preschool through 12th grade and I loved it. It’s a smaller school so it was really nice being able to get to know everyone at Indian Creek. The teachers are extremely passionate about their jobs and care a lot about the students and their co-workers. I feel that this school has prepared me greatly for my future. I learned so much and had a fantastic time while doing so. I was able to participate in multiple sports during my time in middle school and high school. I will never forget those memories. Being a part of a team at Indian Creek was the best time. My teams were really like family. I made so many great friends and met so many great people.
my overall is experience with indian creek was decent. I loved it my freshman year, I thought it was so fun but as time went out I started to dislike it. It gets very hot there because we do not have air conditioning in the building we only have it in the portables. In the winter time, we have a very old heating system called a boiler and it turns off and on, it also breaks a lot. This makes the school extremely cold. Our school doesn't have a lot of money so in some classes we are unable to take a book home due to the amount of books. There are a lot of days were we don't really do anything in class which makes me feel not well prepared for college. There is a wide diversity of kids at our school. The sports at this school are fun but sometimes I feel as if we need better coaching. There are lots of clubs at our school but they don't really do much. The only activities at our school are sports.
Indian Creek is an ok school. Our facility is very old and needs lots of improvements, but we make it work. Our College Plus program is excellent. Teachers are average, some are really awesome others are there because it's a job.
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The teachers truly do care, but the management is terrible. They do not handle issues within the school properly. Bullying is also a big issue at this school because of this.
The facilities are extremely outdated. The cafeteria is horrible quality. However, some of the most influential people in my life teach at these schools. The principals are friendly and easy to work with.
In my 4 years of attendance I enjoyed myself and my fellow classmates. I was in the band which allowed me to become part of a family. the teachers were very attentive in my needs towards reaching my goals. I however fell that we need more safety precautions put in place. We attend classes outside and the band room is also in another building. Going to and from these classes not only make it hard to do the changing seasons. But you feel a little unprotected towards other that may want to ahrm the school.
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