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Independence high school is a awful school. The academics will not prepare you for college and teachers are not looking out for the high achieving students. They let students slide by and don’t push them to there highest potential. Independence high school also has a terrible problem with bullying and the administration just turns a blind eye to it. I didn’t make it one year there before I left due to bullying and poor academics teaching.
Overall the school district has a very friendly environment, but the academics could be better. From my experience here, they don't entirely prepare you for the material that you will see in College and you may have a difficult time adjusting after school.
Independence High School is a great school. The staff is very nice, also there are many opportunities that we have to choose from for classes.
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Independence High School gets a big 5! I spent 12 years of my time at Independence High School. Through that time I learn how to cope with others and learn how to live on. If I didn't go to Independence High school I wouldn't be were I am today.
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