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It's a very average district. There's not much that stands out above anyone else. Me personally I think the district can do a much better job, my biggest complaint is administration. The one good thing is when everybody is together for like a pep rally or something like that it feels very family like, which I enjoy.
My experience at independence high school is overall great. We have so many college prep classes that helps us with inc lass colleges and vocational training. I've had many great experiences with community service and the teachers are great and fun.
I like the sports program and getting along with all the players and creating a family. I would like the food to change in the cafeteria.
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The Independece School District has an awesome Academy set up. Students get to choose a career path/major in high school so their elective classes match up with want they want to do in life. They get to do some amazing things they wouldn't get to do in other districts like job shadow opportunities, internships and more hands-on work for the students. They get great real-life experiences with these academies.
My experience with ISD was average at most. There were happy moments, and there were sad moments that all melted in to one largely memorable experience that will last me a lifetime.
However; there are some things that I would like to see changed about the school district. Administration has fallen short in the empathy category in recent years, never really meeting the expectations for the fight against bullying.
They are even involved in a lawsuit at this very moment for turning a blind eye to a student whose life was turned upside down by a pack (15 or more) of bullies that followed her around the halls and to her home to injure or harass her. The school district was in denial.
I would love to see in the future, that the school district takes more notice of occurrences such as this.
Fast-paced excitement in a supportive and collaborative environment. Reciprocal learning between students, instructors and staff. New reasons to be motivated and inspired with each new class of adult learners.Staff and administrators do what is best for students. Students are from diverse socio-economic homes. There is a commitment towards providing 21st Century learning.
I appreciate that they have Spanish speakers that can help answer any questions my parents have. In the other hand i don't believe they have enough Spanish Programs that would allow some family members to be more involved.
Good community but would like better academic programs and better train teachers to really work hard with the kids in sports. Overall, I see that Independence has a great diversity community, but I don't understand why teachers don't last long???..... I also believe most of the school buildings are really old and in need of some service and remodeling process. What I like the most about Independence district is the culture,the History and the people,including superintendent, secretaries and parents.
I’m in love with my school and all, but sometimes I just wish that the district will pay attention to it a little more. Other schools get more opportunities and supplies. Our school seems to be what gets shown off the least. I’m happy with my school though. I’m happy with all the experiences that I’ve had in Van Horn!
I liked how the Independence School District started adding more hands on classes, what they're referring to as academies. Sadly they started it my senior year so I didn't get the full experience but the time I had was amazing!
Great environment filled with positivity and teachers who wish to see you succeed and help better you as a person for your future.
I like the openness of the teachers and how I got along with the student body. At my school everyone seems to want the kids to succeed, from teachers to the janitors.
I am glad to have the opportunity to actually express my opinion about the district. They do not allow any reviews on district facebook, website, google, etc. The district is failing our children. Kids that go on to college are forced to take remedial classes upon entering university. They only put money in to sports programs, offer no extracurricular academic programs. This district should not have acredatation. Serious allegations of out right cheating by teachers. Parents are pushed out. All schools receive title one funding yet parents are excluded from meetings. Secret title one meetings with secret title one panels. This is abuse of federal funding as title one must included parents in how funding should be spent to benifit students and schools. Administrators continue to abuse budgets as our teacher's and children are left to fail. Please stand up parents ask questions get involved demand the district hear our voices. We need transparency not secrecy for our children.
ISD means well but they aren't great at following through and often find things like sports more than they need to be. The teachers and staff are amazing and really care about the kids.
District is out of touch. Some schools are just neglecting childrens education. Staff seems like they are just showing up for a paycheck. No passion for teaching. District is unwilling to address that half the kids are coming from trauma based home lives. Kids that want to learn can not. Due to constant behavior outbursts and fights.No metal detectors at midle or high school. General lack of supervision durning pick up and drop off. Huge cover up. Students poisoned multiple teachers at nowlin at the end of the year. No parents informed. Children not punished. Do Not move here! You will regret it.
The sports activities helped students get involved with leadership and build skills , but the administration and faculty was below standards and lacked altruism in helping students succeed after high school.
I have attended school in the Independence School district for three years now. While I feel that the district meets most safety standards, I would like to see the district take further steps to make life easier for students. I would also like to see more funding in activities that are not sports, since sports take up most of the funding.
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Experiences left and right with administration that repeatedly found a way to prefer not actually helping students with their future but instead doing what was easiest for them left me with quite a sour taste in my mouth.
School was great had no issues with bullying in school. The only thing I didn't like was I felt that most the teachers didn't really care if you successed or not.
Their policies and time frames on testing and working with special needs. They wont test my daughter until the start of the new school year, which gives us less than a year to work with her and get her a solid iep if needed before she starts kindergarten.
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