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Independence Local School District Reviews

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I love the stable environment of the school. The teachers are always available due to the small size of the school. In the future I would like the school to change the amount of school pride and spirit. I do not think there is enough pep in the school, and its hard to make it involved in activities.
It’s a very good school. Some of the teachers don’t really care but there a select few that you can trust with absolutely anything.
Great school! Excellent staff that offers a tailored individual learning experience for all students. Very willing to help and provide assistance where needed.
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Independence is a wonderful district that provides wonderful opportunities, academic and otherwise. All the staff and students are kind and helpful. Everyone is given ample opportunity to improve their learning and life experiences. The school is amazing in their academic advancement (as much as a public school can be). Going here is expensive, however.
I enjoyed the small classroom and individual attention from each teacher. I would improve the amount of sports the have to offer.
Great school overall. Some subjects--like math--need better teachers, especially at the high school level, and administration could invest more time in non-traditional students, but traditional students will do well in such an environment.
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