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I moved to Imperial High School for my Junior year and I much prefer this high school over my previous one. Imperial High School focuses on the academics and helps me be better prepared for the college experience. In my previous school, the workload was easy and not very challenging for a student. At Imperial High School, I feel as if I am challenged and that I will be prepared for college. The only thing I would change is the spirit that my school lacks. I would also like there to be more advanced classes so that I can challenge myself even further.
I feel Imperial Unified School District has a fantastic reputation as being challenging to our local youth. The teachers and staff at Ben Hulse Elementary School are exemplary. I am both a parent and teacher at Ben Hulse and know we strive for the best for our students. Our parents are very supportive and our students go on to further their education beyond high school.
My experience at Imperial high school for the past three years were interesting yet amazing. As a senior at the school I wa surrounded by students that were ready to learn and were ready to be apart of something at school. The school diversity wasn’t very diverse the majority was Mexian Americans and even though not being around as many cultures it didn’t really effect the way I learned at school. The teachers at the school were there when you needed them the work load was somewhat a lot by never so much too much that you’d feel overwhelmed with. The school itself was and is an amazing school they help you understand what you’re learning it’s not a school that comes off as terrible. In the end my experience at the school was interesting I learned what I had to learn at the school.
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They have good staff and teachers. The district is always organizing school trips for students so theu can get to know new universities. Also, they provide a lot of resources for students, such is counseling.
The system is good in average, faculties and staff of Imperial Valley Schools are dedicated and worry about the education of students.
I live in an area where Spanish is the dominant language, however I was always informed that English was supposed to be spoken in the classrooms. Several of my classes have been taught in Spanish even though I requested that professors speak English as well. Even though my requests were approved, they were not practiced. This made several lessons very hard for me to follow.
I have enjoyed going to high school here. I am in FFA and my teacher has greatly influenced my desire to major in Agriculture. The teachers care about their students and want them to do well.
The imperial unified school district overall is a great place to enroll your child in. The teachers are amazing they want you to succeed in life while also growing a personal relationship with there students.
The thing I liked most about IUSD is the quality of education and how much our principal and staff emphasize the importance of education. One of the things that bothered me the most was the lack of Algebra II teachers. Seeing as that Algebra II is notorious for being a hard math class, u don't think it was wise on the director's part to only employ ONE Alegrbra II teacher because every student learns differently and one teacher may work for one student that doesn't work for another.
The teachers tend to hold students to a higher standard than any other high school in the valley. This creates the best learning experience possible.
The school itself isn't terrible. It has got a quite hometown feeling to it. There are however, many improvements that can be made. The campus is no longer up to date and it needs a lot of remodeling. The safety is alright, but fights do break out. The school has grown quite a bit in the last 15 years and there are not enough clubs for our diversity. Not only that but the teachers aren't willing to stand up for what the student ask or plead for.
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