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Illinois Valley Central School District No. 321 Reviews

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IVC has been a whirlwind of emotions the teachers are average but its like im stuck in a giant prison we have no windows in any classrooms are rules are strict
I've been a student of the 321 District since preschool and I haven't had many problems. The district is very supportive of activities involving the schools and the high school offers a lot of classes that prepare you for the real world or prep you for college. I like also how my high school lets me take classes that are dual credit and can count as college courses as well.
There are great teachers at IVC. Great Community and Awesome Learning environment. I loved my 4 years at IVC.
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The teachers are some of the most down to earth and caring people that I have ever know. I was fully supported by both my teachers and my coaches. However, the school could really benefit by not requiring everyone to be so heavily reliant on lap tops and smart boards.
IVC was an interesting school to attend. The faculty was nice and tried to help make sure their students succeed it whatever career path they had picked. Illinois Valley Central had a great sports atmosphere. I loved taking part in the extra curricular activities that were provided. The students all had their differences but when times got tough, our school united as one to help each other heal, grow, and become greater people. IVC has little funding yet still gives out scholarships as best as they can. Although IVC had its not so great moments the faculty does the best they can to make every day a great day to be a ghost.
I really enjoyed my time learning at IVC. The school was filled with teachers and staff that really cared about the students attending. The only thing that I really do not like about the school is something that they could not help. It is the fact that the extracurricular activities were not funded by the school. If the community was not as supportive as it is then the school's extracurricular activities would not be able to remain. The teachers and staff did however support these activities such as the sports, band, and choir programs. Even though this school did not have the most money that did not diminish the great education that I received from this facility.
During my four years of high school here, I have watched my school get wrapped around technology. The school has purchased Chromebooks for the student to take home and use outside of school. The school has lost the communication part of the school. You could walk into a classroom to see a large majority playing games on the laptops. the teachers don't lecture like they did my freshman year. They throw a video on google classroom and tell you to watch it and answer a few questions. Illinois Valley Central is no longer a great hands-on kind of school, that all changed when the Chromebooks came out. I have enjoyed the little activities we do as a school, like a homecoming week and our winter formal. we have very little assemblies.
I think that I have had a very good high school experience at Illinois Valley Central academically, however I think that they should put more funding towards the arts.
This school was absolutely wonderful to me. The sense of community and coming together for a cause showed how a town should be. One big family.
Loved my time in drivers ed. Ivc is well rounded when it comes to including technology in their academics.
My time at IVC was brief, just the first semester of my freshman year. While it was bigger than my old school, it was still a considerably small school of 700 students. My experience there was excellent however; I grew to love my teachers and enjoy the schooling experience it offered.
I like the way the teachers and administration treat everyone. I feel very at home when I am at IVC. This will be my fourth and final year and I will definitely miss all of the extracurriculars I am in. I was in volleyball, band, cheer, JOOI club, student council, and all of my National Honor Societies. If I had to change one thing, it would be to add some windows in our school. There are not many and it is sometimes sad to not be able to look out a window once and a while.
The students have a lot of drama that has caused a couple of fights throughout the years. The popular students run almost every club and sport. The teachers need more help making sure every student understands the material. Multiple times throughout the years some of my teachers have taught me one thing and had a quiz or test about a completely different thing and the entire class has failed. The teachers are easy to have a conversation with but sometimes get distracted by those conversations and we are not taught the material we need to know. Despite all the bad things at IVC my time spent there have been fun. I joined some clubs like Link Crew and Randon Acts.
I really enjoyed my four years at IVC high school. The community was great with a school of about 800 students it was easy to know everyone and to be able to connect with your teachers on a more personable level. Most of my classes were great for introducing me to new ideas although some of them could have been taught more directly. Meaning the teachers could have offered more help for learning the material, and didn't converse about random events during class, or they could have cared a little less about sports they were coaching.
Food and Administration are quite lacking, but most else is fairly up to snuff. The availiability of specialized World War 2 and Revolutionary War classes is an added bonus.
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