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Illini Central Community Unit School District No. 189 Reviews

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My four years of high school was pretty average id say. The teachers were all very nice but not outstanding at what they do. Sports here are fun and everyone knows everone. There is very little diversity as most people including teachers here are white. However this is one of the most unorganized schools out of the four i have attended. The sports are unorganized as well as the academics luckily its in a community where people can "spread the word" if things get changed but sometimes that leaves some of the less social people out. Half way through senior year they randomly introduced something called the capstone project and made it a graduation requirement. No one knew what they were doing as well as the teachers and kids that graduated early didnt have to come back and take it. It was one of the sloppiest things ive ever seen. However your chuld will be safe here and most likely find a friend group along with some average acedemics
This school is very average. Students can be mean and there tends to be some bullying that the administrators don’t take care of. The teachers are average as well. They seem to just hire anyone they can get.
The teachers at Illini are great, but are too disrespected to even get paid for what they do. The students there vary (good and bad). I never really hung with the 'bad' kids that much, but enough to know that a small town indeed has some bad stuff going around. This school definitely keeps on on their culture and never fails to be doing some type of activity to get their students involved. The teachers there never fail to put a smile on my face.
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I enjoyed the small class size because in just a semesters time you can get you to know your teacher well and they can help you individually if needed in class. The teachers are also very involved in their classrooms. It helps that most are really passionate about the subject they teach and it reflects in their lessons. Unfortunately, there is a lack of diversity in the school and very little club participation.
I like that the school is trying to change the community. It is becoming more aware of issues like bullying and violence which had been overlooked beforehand. I would like there to be more life skills taught, or at least some equity to be shown to us. I feel like we aren't prepared most of the time.
I enjoyed the small school experience, provided my high school had a total of 200 students, we had a lot more interaction with the staff. We were given a ton more opportunities to work with our teachers individually than larger schools offer. I feel that the school board should listen to the students more. In the future I feel that they would really improve the quality of the experience for the students if the students are given a chance to voice their opinions.
I really enjoyed going to this school. The teachers were always helpful and resources such as computers and library use were always there. Sports were also a big part of my high school career and I enjoyed every coach I had.
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