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IKM Manning Community School District Reviews

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It is a great school district and has a close-knit community. This school district has a very well experienced staff. It also has many opportunities for students to be a part of.
There are many things that I like about my school, but there are just a few things about it that make me say that it's only worth three stars. Although most of the teachers are great, there are just some that make you wonder if they are actually qualified to teach that class or not. I can confidently say that I know more about cetain teachers personal life than the subject that they were supposed to teach me. I also have a problem with the administration, certain individuals in administration positions have done things that the entire school knows about that make me question whether they should be trusted in their positions.
Great School District! Had many activities and sports to be involved in and was very supportive of every one!
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For a small town community school, IKM-Manning has many opportunities for its students. It has small classes, but not all of the classes help its students succeed. Technology needs to be updated and the Fine arts department needs more funding, as most of the funding comes from parents of children involved or from fundraising done by kids. Each highschooler is given their own laptop for the year, but the computers are touchy and easily broken. Wifi at the school is slow, and shuts down from time to time, causing problems for classrooms using the internet. The food isn't as good as it used to be, but they do offer a salad bar for those who don't care for lunch.
IKM-Manning is a very welcoming school, however I wished there were more classes to take and that the athletic programs were more up-to-date.
I have thoroughly enjoyed my entire school career at IKM-Manning. The community is great, which plays a huge roll in education. I love,work, and play sports all involving the community. I would not have wanted to attend school anywhere else for the last 12+ years of my life.
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