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I loved the flexibility options and while they do try to get students involved through local events, they cater less to high school students. So socially, high school students are not given many opportunities through the school. The education received, however, has mostly prepared me for college.
The flexibility the school offered me also helped me dual-enrolled at my local community college my junior and senior years and I will be graduating in the spring with my high school diploma and AA degree.
I was prepared for college with this school. I am doing so well now because of the way this school is structured. The teachers are constantly helpful and encouraging, and I am very grateful to them. The course work gets very hard sometimes, and you will realize that it is more demanding than a regular high school, but I am glad it got harder. That was just one of the things that helped get em ready for college, because I learned excellent time management skills from it.
Idaho virtual academy allowed me to receive a quality education with a flexible schedule. They have in place a very organized system. Expectations are clear. Resources are readily available to students. Teachers did a great job of communicating with me whenever I had any questions. Idaho Virtual Academy did a great job helping me prepare for college.
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Idaho Virtual Academy is a great school. Their curriculum is very challenging and is perfect to get you prepared for college. This school allows the student to have a lot of independence. The student has to work with their learning coach, and teachers to manage their time. This school has very challenging courses and teachers and administrators that will help you fight your way through the school year. Great school!
Idaho Virtual Academy was such a blessing in my life. This school allowed me to Spend time with my family, create my own schedule and still get a full education, it made me available to a higher education then what was provided in my area, and they really helped me find my own individuality and express who I am.
I like how the teachers are understanding. The system works great. The classs connects are helpful. And the assignments are fun.
I like how the schedule is flexible enough that I can learn at my own pace, but has a drive so that I don't get behind. Recently, it did away with advisory, which improves their score!
The staff is remarkable and all the teachers want to see each student succeed individually. The flexibility of the schedule is great for families. The curriculum definitely prepares the students for a college education.
This past year I attended IDVA and had some trouble adjusting to the complicated web format. After the first quarter I had it down, and it was great. The teachers are very good at their jobs, and always available for students; they answer their emails in a timely manner.
I have been attending Idaho Virtual Academy since seventh grade. I am now a senior in high school. The reason for my switching to online school was because of my shyness and struggle with socializing, etc. To be completely honest, I wish I would have stayed in regular school, because my struggles have only gotten worse.

I think that this school is great for someone who travels, has siblings, etc, but not for someone who already has a hard time getting out there. Online school can be great for flexibility but not so much for socializing. I would not say that this school is any easier or harder than others. It depends on the classes you're taking.

While they don't have a wide variety of electives (at least in my opinion) they do offer AP, honors, and concurrent classes, which is great. By the time I've graduated I'll have a little over half of my first year of college credits completed.
I went to Idaho Virtual Academy from 8th-12th grade. I feel that it prepared me well for college and life. Because it is an online school I was able to take several dual credit courses and get college credit for them. As a result, I ended up graduating with 17 college credits from them. They also work with you if you want to take classes like music at a brick-and-mortar school, as long as you keep your grades up.
My experience at IDVA has been the best school I have attended due to how the teachers work with you, both in class and outside of class if you need additional help. There is nothing I would change about IDVA.
This is one of the best schools to attend if you're looking for online education. IDVA has great teachers, thorough courses, and it allows for students to develop self-discipline in schooling. I have been a student at IDVA since 1st grade. It has allowed me to have a freer schedule, take on more dual-enrollment college classes, and more. If I had one complaint about this school it would just be that their science courses could use some work. As a science major, it would've been very unfulfilling to me to do online "labs" instead of getting real hand-on experience.
My experience at Idaho Virtual Academy has been spectacular! The staff and teachers are great at communicating with students and parents, and genuinely caring, patient, and understanding. The curriculum is stimulating and interactive, though may improve with more tactile materials. However, IDVA offers a vast selection of courses for me to choose from, including AP and dual-credit. I also have access to a multiplicity of resources, and supportive counselors that have been very helpful in my scholarship search. Overall, I would highly encourage others to learn at IDVA due to its invigorating classes, and fantastic faculty!
I loved the flexibility of the schedule. I loved that I was able to work at my own pace and that I had almost complete responsibility for my own education. The school truly helped prepare me for college and was appropriately challenging while also enabling me to get a head start on my college education.
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