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Idaho Falls School District Reviews

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Compass Academy is wonderful, it would be lovely if other high schools did not see it as such a terrible school. Individually, the schools all harbor great culture, but the district hardly bonds as one.
This school is academically grounded, with a variety of programs and classes available. The school building itself is dilapidated but full of history.
It has many great classes and electives to choose from. They do a lot of things to get you involved with school and get you to have school spirit, which enhances the high school experience. The teachers are great and I have learned a lot.
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I love the pride that the students at my school have. We “bleed orange and black” as some may say. The school building itself is not very safe and very outdated, but we are trying to pass a new bond to build a new school. The teachers at IF are wonderful and I have never had a bad experience with one. The administration of Idaho Falls High School is not the best and can be unfair in some aspects, but they get their jobs done and keep the school running. Overall I would not trade my experience at my school for anything. I loved being apart of this community and growing and learning with my peers.
It's a normal high school. Our student section may be the loudest, but we still lack funding for our education that would increase elective opportunities. We may still favor the rich and loud, but we do have dedicated teachers that try most of the time to develop the students.
I love Idaho Falls High School!! The school spirit can be seen across the area, and the students and teachers are supportive of one another.
I have attended from K through 12th grade and I have had the best experience. My teachers have been the greatest and I have maintained a 4.0 GPA through out 9th through 12th. That says a lot about the teachers and their standards of teaching. I will continue my education at a 4 year University because of my education in Idaho Falls.
I fthere was a change to be made it would be to build a bigger and better school, with updates.
THeres a lot did diveristy in classes this district and most of the time if a class is offered at one school but not another, you can still attend that class. I would like to see better teachers, teachers who really care about their students and actually care about teaching.
Idaho Falls School district offered many opportunities for me as a student such as a magnet high school and CTE educational programs, both of which I took advantage of. The only thing I did not like is that many of the buildings are becoming old and are not able to keep up with the rapid changing education systems that are offered through technology. The buildings also are not big enough to support the growing community and the need for more space for growing class sizes. Many of my classes at Idaho Falls High School have been outside in trailers. This making it so that I had to face the harsh Idaho weather in the dead of winter, just to get to my government class.
I grew up in this district, and although my education was not exactly poor, the district lacks diversity.
It was a good district and has good teacher involvement. The facilities were rough and is desperate for a new schools.
Idaho is 49th out of 50 states in education, so there was really nothing good about my experience here. Some of the classes were good, and I did learn enough to prepare me for college, but overall if you weren't an overachiever, no one was going to push you to succeed.
the school district has been great. there has been some great people that have taught me what i needed to know so i could learn
The Idaho Falls School District has done a really great job in preparing students for future years in high school or in applying for college. They give many opportunities to students to get into college, such as requiring students to take the SAT, talking to students about when and how to apply for college and helping students apply for scholarships. I would like to see them start earlier when helping prepare for college. They should start early junior year or late sophomore year to help the students.
I have enjoyed growing up in the Idaho Falls School district and working with the various people involved there. I don't have much to compare it too but can say that it met the expectations of my family and I. My parents were always given chances to help out and be involved. I always felt that teaching quality was high and that our buildings were nice.
Idaho Falls School District 91 could use a lot of improvement. I have had some absolutely amazing instructors but sadly most of the teachers I've had have not been impressive.
The school district is very consistent. They try hard but in the end fall a little short. They do not have a good bullying or physical abuse policy and let a lot of violations of rules slip by. Overall the district had a decent education but just needs better policies.
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The thing I enjoyed most about Idaho falls High School were the teachers. They have an amazing faculty and I couldn't imagine graduating from anywhere else.
I have enjoyed being in the Idaho Falls School District. They are rather strick on their polices, which allows us as students be responsible for our actions. But in some cases like emergencies they are willing to help and work with you. One of the down falls of this district, is that we are in school and there is no excuses. Until recently we were never given Martin Luther King Jr day off which is a government holiday. Also this past week, Idaho Falls received immense amounts of snow. Kids were getting stuck in the parking lot and accidents were happening left and right. They did not cancel school, putting those kids that walk to school or even drive in dangerous situations.
I quite enjoy my school. It teaches me fun things like finding the constant in an equilibrium equation. My school especially excels in being the bomb diggity. You can't say that about everyone that crosses your path can you?
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