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Ida Public School District Reviews

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Overall experience was good, but racism, little cultural diversity and a poor councilor made for a less than stellar senior year. Seeing more diversity would benefit the entire community tremendously!
The academics at Ida are excellent; however, there are not many elective classes and there is little exposure to diversity.
i would like to see the staff change and the way they look at there students change, like they look at them like they're prisoners as they're walking through the halls or going into the office. Especially would like to see the dress code be change it is getting out of control the students are coming there to learn not to be judged on the way they look, they should have to buy special clothing just to be worn for school.
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School is one of the best in the area, but there is a lack in diversity and the technology available is out of date.
I like that this school wants to see you succeed. Something I would like to see change is more help for outside of the classroom things, such as college help, and recognition of all sports.
It's a good school, with both a strong academic, and sports program. I would really recommend it to anyone in the area.
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