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Iberville Parish Public Schools Reviews

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I have been attending school in Iberville Parish since the fourth grade. Throughout my time there, I have watched the school transform into a welcoming, diverse, and proactive school. I am currently in my last year of high school, and I will be sad to leave some people behind, but I know I will always be welcome to MSA West anytime. The teachers are supportive and put in extreme amounts of effort to teach students. I feel as if I am prepared for college, and I cannot wait to begin my new journey!
Things were a mess and the place needed to be cleaned out. The administration did nothing and was very corrupt. I had a few good teachers and good experiences that I'm grateful for, and I'm still a huge proponent for public schools, but we have to work on them. And Iberville parish is a prime example of that.
Iberville Parish has many talented students, the main ones being athletes. A teacher is either a hit or miss, no in between. School food has never been a favorite of all, you can find certain bugs or molding. Money doesn't seen to go to experiences for the students, it goes into new construction.
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The teachers in this district really care about their students. They put in the effort to make sure every one of us were actually learning.
Iberville Parish has raised me. I made my life in this parish and it has given me stories for days. The schools inside of this parish are filled with great teachers who are willing to go the extra mile to make sure the students learn the information and retain it. If I had a child, I myself would choose for them to attend a school in this district because it is just that warm and inviting.
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