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Iberia R-V School District Reviews

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I send my kid to school and the teachers are all a bunch of idiots and liars and the principal does nothing. The food is terrible as well and I am planing on pulling him out.
absolutely terrible school. my kids get bullied and the terrible principle will do nothing about it. the teachers are bad at their job. if you are reading this do not put your kid in this school. they are very very poor and have terrible lunches, my kids got food poisoning 3 times!
Iberia has the worst principle ever! She favors students and bullies certain kids. She is a terrible person. and she touched my son.
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It has been an honor growing up inside the classroom walls of Iberia RV. Being around a small number of peers has given me a strong individualism and characteristics that no one else can possess. I’m grateful for this, because I believe that knowing who you truly are is essential when making the leap from high school to college, which is what I will be doing in just under a year. I hope to see the administration become more gracious and heavy hearted to the issues in our school, including the facilities, the bullying, and the lack of resources for not just everyone, but especially for those who are impaired and who struggle with school. I hope that in the future, they would be open minded to progress in our schools learning environment, and that they would never stop striving for improvement, because there will always be room for it.
my kids go to school there and get bullied. the principal will do nothing. will homeschool if no one will do anything.
This is one of the best small school districts you can go to. Iberia High School provides the attention and care that a small school delivers, while the teachers are on par with many larger schools. Iberia is a fantastic school to grow up in and I would gladly do it all over again.
The Iberia School District was a very small rural school full of passionate teachers whose only desire was to see the students they teach to strive. This place is one of the best small town schools to grow and develop in. Iberia is full of love and dedication to its students and teachers alike.
This website is a great scholarship website. The only thing I do not like Is that when you click on the scholarship it takes you to a different website and then you have to fill out another resignation thing. Other than that I really do like this website.
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